May 22, 2015

Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day weekend? That’s right, the first long weekend of the summer is just days away and we can’t wait for it! In anticipation of the BBQs, firework displays, and get-togethers everyone must be planning, we thought we’d go ahead and share some of our favorite patriotic desserts. These tasty dishes red, white, and blew our minds – so make sure to serve them up at whatever celebration you’re having this weekend.

Star Spangled Snacks – These ooey gooey bars will have everyone oohing and ahhing. Somewhere between marshmallow treats and cake, this yummy concoction will be the star of your celebration!

Image via The Gunny Sack

Patriotic Pops – Watermelon, coconut, and raspberry combine to make these delicious, extremely refreshing desserts. Perfect for youngsters or the young at heart, this treat is sure to pop a smile on anyone’s face!

Sneaky Snow Cones – These little snacks may look like snow cones, but they’re actually cupcakes! Surprise friends and family with this disguised dessert; they won’t believe what they’re tasting!

Image via Bakerella

Outrageous Oreos – Oreo pops are already a fan favorite. They’re easy to make and easy to eat. Add some red, white, and blue? You’ve got a Memorial Day staple!

Image via Makdoodle

Playful Pizza – There’s something especially fun about dessert pizza. You can display your toppings beautifully and the mix of flavors is always delicious. To incorporate red, white, and blue, this pizza has strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries – and these fab fruits sit atop cream cheese and a brownie crust. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Image via Better Recipes

Festive Flag Cakes – Use red velvet cake and blueberries to create a delicious tribute to Old Glory! These simple layer cakes are the perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day.

We hope you and your loved ones have a sweet, safe, and fun Memorial Day weekend!

May 15, 2015

The first long weekend of summer is almost here! Are you ready to celebrate? This year, spice up your traditional barbecue, and throw a kebab-ecue! Serving your apps, main courses, and desserts on kebabs means half the mess and double the fun – what could be better?  Try some of our unique recipes below and kebab’s your uncle, your guests will be sure to stick around.

Hearty Hawaiians – Pizza has already proven that pineapple and ham go well together. We’re sure this sweet and savory combo will be a crowd pleaser.
Skinny Salmon – This grilled salmon has the right kind of fats and nutrients, without all the calories. It’s just what you need if you’re still working on your beach body.

Image via Skinny Taste

Cool Caprese – These refreshing morsels will definitely wow your guests. Whether your party is dressed up or down, this kebab will complement the affair.

Open Sesame Chicken – Inspired by your favorite Chinese dish, this kebab promises to be moist, rich, and delicious.

Image via A Dash Of Sanity

Taste The VeggieRainbow – Vegans can also enjoy the kebab theme. Treat them to a rainbow of vegetables: beautiful and cruelty-free.

Image via Gimme Some Oven

Honey, I’m Lime Chicken – A little bit of heat and a little bit of sweet. These yummy skewers are a great way to spice up your party!

Frogmore Stew or Low CountryBoil –If you aren’t from the South you may not have heard of this crazy good meal, but trust us, this is one you’ve got to try! Baby potatoes, seafood seasoning, shrimp, sausage, and corn? It’s a game changer.

Image via Framed Cooks

Marvelous Moroccan Fish – This Middle Eastern delight is an impressive looking dish that doesn’t take too much work to create. The marinade is a little time consuming, but it’s worth it.

Image via Jelly Toast

Simple Sausage – These easy snacks are a snap to put together and make for a totally flavorful meal.

Image via Mommy's Kitchen

Tortellini Treat – Time to get even more creative with your kebabs. Incorporating pasta into this style of food isn’t usually attempted, but it should be! These skewers are tasty and unique.

Playful Peaches – Fruit and cheese is a classic combination for a reason. As you know, we’re big fans of fusing sweet and savory, and this kebab does just that. Sweet peaches, salty cheese, and seasoning; it’s music to our ears and we’re sure your guests will feel the same way.

Image via My New Roots

Crazy Candy – Yes, candy kebabs are a bit of an obvious dessert, but we love these little guys. They’re so colorful and fun. If you have youngsters (or the young at heart) at your BBQ they’ll be thrilled to see these treats.
Strawberry Shortcake – This dessert is probably the most complex kebab on our list, but gosh it's delicious. Plus, it's really the cherry (or should we say strawberry) on top of your kebab-ecue. We’re sure the memory of this dessert will stick with your guests for a long time.

We hope this helps you plan your long weekend menu. Stick it to all those other barbecues and enjoy a kebab-ecue! You’ll be the toast of the town.

May 12, 2015

With the start of summer just around the corner folks are being bombarded with tips and ideas for their backyards. Most of us love spending the warmer months outdoors – but what do you do if you have really limited outdoor space? Sure, you’d hang a chandelier birdfeeder with pride and invite all your friends to join you on your new extra large outdoor sofa, but just you don’t have room. Fear not. We’ve found eight fun and easy ideas for your petite patios that’ll have you saying, “space schmace”. Check ‘em out below and get ready for summer.

Rugged Beauty – We’ve all accepted the idea of outdoor furniture being more than simply plastic chairs, right? Well, we’re encouraging homeowners to take this concept one step further and invest in outdoor rugs. They allow you to have more fun with your color scheme and create a cohesive look for your small space.

Playful Pallets – There’s lots to love when it comes to pallet furniture. It’s great for the environment, has such a fun and funky feel, and is fairly customizable. That last point has huge implications for your outdoor space. If you’ve got a little or uniquely shaped outdoor area, create furniture that’ll fit it perfectly.
Textured Treat – Add depth to your area without taking up too much room. Use blankets and pillows to create an inviting seating area, even though you don’t have space for a couch. The variety in fabrics and patterns will make things more luxurious.

Image via Bloglovin'

Harmonious Hangout – You create the ideal space for hanging out when you make space for your stuff to hang. Maximizing vertical space can save you a lot in the long run. 

Image via Digs Digs

Layered Love – Perfection is all in the details, and we’re loving this tiered herb garden. Not only do the herbs add gorgeous greenery to your balcony, they’ll make your cooking more delicious, and having them on a rack means you aren’t sacrificing too much space.

Fun Flowers – You don’t have to have lots of decor to enjoy your outdoor space, just make what you do have really fun. We are especially fond of these upcycled planters; they’ll make any sized space magical.

Image via The Sweet Escape

Beautiful Bed – Ok, we might never get up if we had this on our patio, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Just because you don’t have room for large furniture, doesn’t mean you have to get only teeny tiny pieces. We love the idea of the “half day bed”. It’s a nice, big, comfy piece – it’s just not as large as its counterparts.

Bodacious Bar – If you’re working with a really small space, skip the table and try creating a bar instead. This idea will come together well if you’ve got a nice view. If you don’t, that’s ok too. It’s still better than trying (and failing) to fit two chairs around a small table.

Image via Remodelista

We hope these balconies have inspired you to tackle your small space and make the most out of your outdoor decor. For more tips and ideas, make sure to connect with @HomeShows on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Have a small space you’ve styled nicely? Share a snap with us! We’d love to see what you’ve created.

May 4, 2015

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Caught you off guard, didn't we? She may be one of the most special ladies in your life, but for whatever reason Mother's Day always tends to come surprisingly early - is it the second Sunday in May every year? If you're like the rest of the unprepared masses, we've got 10 awesome DIY gifts for your try your hand at this year. Skip the last minute flowers and use the few days you have left to craft the perfect gift for mom.

Coasters - Personalized photo coasters send two powerful messages. 1: remember all the fun we've had throughout the years. 2: I respect your desire to keep surfaces stain-free and these will help.

Image via Pop Sugar

Succulents - Create something beautiful to freshen up your mom's space. A personalized tea cup is the perfect home for this no-fuss plant. What a sweet gift!

Candle - A candle decorated with some amateur artwork? Moms and grandmas will flip.

Glass Etching - Add a unique and thoughtful detail to your mom's glass cookware or baking tools (like Pyrex pans, bowls, etc.). Whether it's her last name, a thoughtful message, or just a cute doodle, we're sure she'll love the originality of this idea.

Lanterns - Photo lanterns bring a touch of whimsy wherever they're set up. Display some of your best memories in these adorable orbs. Your mom will love them!

Image via Photojojo

Apron - Decorate an apron with whatever you want your mom to be reminded of: little hands, little feet, little words, or just messages of love.

Mugs - Make your mom's first cup of coffee or tea all the sweeter with a personalized mug. How cute are these?

Image via Pop Sugar

Flowers - Spelling out MOM in plants? She will love that. It's super cute and all about her.

Image via Brit + Co

Ring Holder - If your mom is overburdened by jewelry and a big fan of lotuses we've got the craft for you. Make her a lotus ring holder and we're sure you'll be the new favorite (take that, Jenny!).

Image via Yay For Handmade

Gratitude Journal - Did you know that writing down what we're thankful for actually makes us happier? Your mom might, (moms tend to know everything), and we're sure she'll be thankful for this incredibly thoughtful gift. Making it is easy and it's such a sweet way to thank your mom for everything she does and to try and help her to be happier every day.

Image via eHow

We hope these ideas help you get started on your Mother's Day gifts. Share the finished products with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - we'd love to see what you create!

May 1, 2015

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching. How will you be celebrating this year? If you’re joining those commemorating the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French foes in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla, we’ve got great ideas to take your party to the next level. Check out our list of party must-haves including decorations, food, and drinks.

5 Decor Ideas

Fan Garland - We're big fans of this colorful garland! Drape it around buffet tables, along doorways, and all over to brighten up your party space.

Paper Flowers - Use some additional pieces of sweetly hued tissue paper to breathe even more life into your party. These paper flowers are super easy to make and will add a nice, romantic touch to your fiesta.

Image via Seattle Magazine

Punched Tin Napkin Rings - Ring in the holiday with these creative napkin rings. They're sure to add a unique flare to your table decor.

Image via Martha Stewart

Pom Pom Balloons - These clever little guys are perfect for alerting guests who might be a little lost to the event location and incorporating even more eye candy into your ready-to-burst-with-fun party!

Image via Honest To Nod

Photo Backdrop - Still have some tissue paper left over? Try making a photo backdrop! Your colorful creation will be a fun treat for everyone who wants to say #HappyCincoDeMayo on Instagram.

Image via Brit + Co
Make sure to share your snaps with @HomeShows on Instagram and Twitter!

5 Snack Ideas

Popsicles - Inspired by the Mexican flag, these all natural Popsicles are a creative and refreshing treat to serve!

Pinata Cookies - Ok, these are a little complex to make, but the finished product is seriously worth it!

Image via She Knows

Mini Margarita Cheesecakes - Need we say more?

Image via Spiced

Taco Cookies - Looking to make another complicated cookie? We've got you covered. We're loving these taco inspired cookies; they're such a cute and clever idea!

Churro Cupcakes - This sweet treat has been described as a churro with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. What could possibly be better? This is definitely a must-serve snack!

Image via I Heart Naptime

5 Drink Recipes

Mezcal Mule - This unique take on the Moscow Mule is a fun mix of prickly pear flavor, ginger beer, and a hot, jalapeno finish. Just what you need to get your party started!

Image via Freutcake

Strawberry Margarita Jell-o Shots - Such a cute idea! And the best part? No cups to clean up!

Image via DrinkedIn

Simple Micheladas - We love beer cocktails and are digging this simple twist on the classic Michelada. Hot sauce, lime juice, coarse salt, and beer is all it takes to make this seriously refreshing bevvy.

Image via Food52

Smokey Watermelon Jalapeno Margaritas - We may have already included a new take on the original margarita recipe, but we couldn't help but share this one too. Spicy jalapeno, sweet watermelon, and salt come together to create a uniquely deliciously blend of flavors.

Image via Boulder Locavore

Hibiscus Flavored Cocktail - Beautiful, light, and summery, this flirty cocktail is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Image via The Knot

We hope these fun party ideas help make your fiesta a fierce and fabulous success! 

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