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Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is tomorrow! Is your costume ready yet? Dressing up is one of the best parts of this horrifying holiday, but sometimes coming up with a good costume can be tricky - especially when it's at the last minute. If you're currently suffering some wardrobe woes, (not sure what to be, don't have time to make anything, etc.), we're here to help. Check out our list of simple, fun, DIY costumes that you can try this Halloween, no sewing or cardboard boxes required. Some of the models below are adults and some are children, but we can assure you, these costumes are perfect for every size and age.

1. Bank Robber: All you need for this costume is a black and white striped shirt, black hat, gloves, pants, mask, and a bag with $ on it. You can go with a partner or solo - it just depends if you want to split the loot.

Image via Say Yes

2. Pineapple: Grab a yellow dress, (or yellow pants and shirt, if dresses aren't your thing), a headband, and "leaves" which you can easily craft using green construction paper.

Image via Trendhunter

3. Where's Waldo: This costume might date you a little, but don't worry about that. For this look all you need is a red and white striped shirt and hat, jeans, and round glasses. Bonus points if you have a scroll, backpack, and walking stick.

Image via Wonder How To

4. Duct Tape Skeleton: Pick up a black shirt and pants (or bodysuit if you want to get fancy), and white or glow-in-the-dark electrical or duct tape. Tape pieces on the black shirt and pants to represent bones (you don't have to get super anatomically correct, but we'd recommend consulting a diagram just to get a sense of where to start).

Image via And We Play

5. Salt And/Or Pepper Shakers: It would be best if you had a buddy for this costume, but if you're going stag you'll just have to pick the spice you want to be. If you're pepper, you'll need a black shirt with a P on it and a pair of black pants. If you're salt, you'll need a white shirt with an S on it and a pair of white pants. Not necessary, but if you have a grey hat, wear it!

We hope our list helps you find your inner costume couture and inspires your look this year. If you didn't need our help with your outfit, we've got to ask: what are you dressing up as this Halloween? Will you have a spooky, funny, or group costume? Let us know below!

Danni's Favorite Finds At The Holiday Boutique

There’s just a few days left until the Holiday Boutique takes over the Overland Park Convention Center. With over 250 exhibitors featuring the latest trends in apparel, decor, seasonal gifts, gourmet foods, and more, it’s the shopping event of the year! Shop the show like a pro and get something for everyone on your list (and maybe even a thing or two for yourself) with a little help from Danni Boatwright. The fierce and fabulous winner of CBS’ Survivor: Guatemala is the official spokesperson for the show, and with her Favorite Finds you’ll have a list of the must-have items at the Holiday Boutique. Use Danni’s keen eye and great sense of style to help you shop ‘til you drop. Check out Danni’s Favorite Finds below and get ready for the show. 

Artistic Works By Lu: All of your friends will be dying to know where you got these accessories! Leather, copper, and silver come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Booth #235

Cutco: Onions don’t stand a chance against you and a Cutco knife. Speed up your prep time and have fun in the kitchen. Watch your fingers!

Booth #716

Honeysuckle Acres: Can you believe it takes 22,700 bees to fill a single jar of honey?! Think about that the next time you glaze your favorite biscuit.

Booth #831

Frannie Franks Coffee Cakes: Don’t enjoy sweating over a hot oven? Me neither. Leave it to the pros with these award winning coffee cakes. You’ll still be the hostess favorite, I promise.

Booth #1001A

Going Stemless: It’s jewelry for your glass! Never lose your drink at a party again; mark it with these cute little gems. They add some fun to the celebration and are a great conversation piece.

Booth #725

Tru Airbrush Makeup: With all sorts of photos, parties, and events this holiday season who doesn’t want to look flawless?

Booth #929

5B & Co. Candlemakers/Brookside: The stress of the holidays can get to anyone. Keep calm & light a candle.

Booth #625

Avocare Spark: When it’s Christmas Eve and you haven’t gone shopping yet, charge up before heading out. (Ahem, husbands).

Booth #507

Wall Dressed Up: Like change but hate commitment? Scared of trying something new? Try these unique wall decals. Great new look, without the permanency.

Booth #727

Momo Bands, LLC: Whether you’re going on a run or an outdoor date, you’ll have the perfect accessory to hold your hair back without worry or fuss. Chic, cute, and easy – three of my favorite adjectives!

Booth #629

Dona Bela Shreds: These gorgeous creations are made using upcycled remnants from clothing companies. Stylish, unique, and environmentally friendly, what could be better?

Booth #226

Sock Sisters: Who says comfort can’t be trendy? These soft and comfy socks are the perfect accouterment to your favorite boots and pair well with bare legs or leggings.

Booth #1019

Razzleberry Kids: Make sure to grab something for the little ones as well. One-of-a-kind, handmade outfits will make this holiday season even more special and photo ops even more memorable.

Booth #229

Mama Resch’s - A Gluten Free Bakery: Three words: pumpkin spice cupcakes! If you or someone you know has a food allergy, this is the perfect treat for them! Get gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and nut free desserts that still taste delicious!

Booth #332

Sideline Chic: She’s got 10 seconds on the clock, she looks left, she looks right, SCORE! She’s found the perfect sideline outfit!

Booth #705

This is just a small sample of the hundreds of fabulous exhibitors that will be at the show this year – you don’t want to miss it. Running from November 6-9 at the Overland Park Convention Center, the Holiday Boutique is the place to get all your holiday shopping done. Buy your tickets early to receive the best prices. Right now you can get two tickets for the price of one when you like us on Facebook. We can’t wait to see you there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Indianapolis Home Show Exhibitor Spotlight: Indiana Alarm

Indiana Alarm will be joining us at the Indianapolis Home Show, January 23 - February 1 2015, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We're pleased to have this local security company exhibiting at the show.

Before you see them at Booth #210 enjoy our interview below...

Describe your services:
Indiana Alarm is a trusted, locally owned and operated security business that has served Indiana for over a decade. We provide many types of security systems from wireless alarm systems and hardwired systems. All of our products are fully customizable to meet your complex security needs.

What are your best home and garden tips for this season?
By having even a simple alarm system installed in your home you can have peace of mind and protect what you value most!

Don't miss Indiana Alarm at the Indianapolis Home Show. Grab your tickets early to receive the best prices - save $2 when you buy them online now.

Autumn Craft Challenge: Pumpkin Porch Decoration

Marketplace Events Exhibit Sales Consultant, Katelyn Grimm's entry in our Autumn Craft Challenge is getting a lot of attention. It's already received over 30 votes! Do you love Katelyn's craft? Find out how to make your own. Katelyn gave us the inside scoop on how she completed her project. Try it for yourself and make the perfect porch decoration for fall.

What you'll need:
1 Large pumpkin
1 Medium pumpkin
1 Small pumpkin
Handful of fake leaves/fall flowers
Fall colored ribbon
Holiday lights

1 Glue gun
1 Philips screwdriver
1 Sharp serrated knife
1 Strong spoon (for scooping out seeds)

Now that you have everything, it's time to get started making your porch festive for fall. To help keep things simple and organized the directions below are broken up by pumpkin.

Biggest Pumpkin (Pumpkin #1)

Step 1. Carve out a lid so that the medium pumpkin can "sit" in the hole without falling through.
Step 2. Scoop out all the seeds.
Step 3. Cut a 1x1 square in the middle of the pumpkin (we will refer to this as the "backdoor").

Step 4. Poke holes using your screwdriver on the opposite side of your pumpkin's "backdoor".
Step 5. Take the plug end of the lights and feed it from the inside of the pumpkin through the "backdoor".
Step 6. Take the individual lights and poke them through the holes you made, so they can shine on outside of the pumpkin.

Medium Pumpkin (Pumpkin #2)

Katelyn chose to use a different colored pumpkin in her decoration, but feel free to use a regular orange one.

Step 1. This is where you'll use your glue gun (there's no carving required for this pumpkin). Decorate the pumpkin with ribbon in whatever fashion you'd like. Katelyn did lines, but you could try black felt polka dots.

Smallest Pumpkin (Pumpkin #3)

Step 1. Carve out a lid.
Step 2. Scoop out all the seeds.
Step 3. On the bottom carve a 1x1 square - this is for the stem from pumpkin #2 to fit into and connect the pumpkins.
Step 4. Place bouquet of fake flower/leaves in the top like a vase.

Assembling the Finished Product

Step 1. Take pumpkin #2 and sit it on top of pumpkin #1.
Step 2. Take pumpkin #3 and place it on the stem of pumpkin #2.
Step 3. Take the rest of the fake leaves and tuck them in and around where the pumpkins meet.
Step 4. If you have extra holiday lights, feed them out of pumpkin #1's "backdoor" and loop around where you tucked the leaves.
Step 5. Plug in and place on your porch.

Katelyn made this craft as part of the Marketplace Events Autumn Craft Challenge. To see other entries and vote for your favorite visit our Facebook page. For more fall project inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and make sure to share your creations with us on Twitter (@HomeShows) using #MPEautumn.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Holiday Boutique Exhibitor Spotlight: Tammy Smith Design

We're happy to have Tammy Smith Design joining us at the Holiday Boutique, November 6-9 at the Overland Park Convention Center.

Before you see this creative exhibitor at the show, please enjoy our interview with them below...

Name: Tammy Smith

Booth Number: 1219

Describe your products:
City and state gifts - KC tea towels, pillows, prints, cards, tablecloths, stitch kits, cutting boards. Other city collections include: Chicago, St. Louis, Lawrence, and Milwaukee. Other fabric and paper stitch kits, prints, and cards too.

Price range:
$$ - $20-$50

What are your featured products?
KC tea towels, prints, stitch kits, tablecloths, and pillows.

Why would your products make the perfect holiday gift?
These KC products are perfect not only as holiday gifts, but also for housewarming, hostess, baby or wedding shower gifts.

What is your favorite part about the Holiday Boutique?
Getting to meet my customers face to face!

Don't miss Tammy Smith Design at the Holiday Boutique. Taking place November 6-9 at the Overland Park Convention Center, it's the shopping event of the season. Buy tickets early to receive the best prices - right now you can get two tickets for the price of one when you like us on Facebook.