Apr 17, 2015

What is it about springtime that signals the start of DIY season? Yes, there are many who undertake projects all year long, but for some reason there seems to be a flurry of home improvement activity as the temperature begins to rise. Perhaps it's the bright spring sunshine illuminating your dated decor, or the prevalence of inspiring spring colors, patterns, and trends, or maybe we're all just feeling invigorated after a long winter's rest. Regardless of your motivations, we're excited to share some new projects to help cultivate your DIY ambitions. We know that starting a DIY entirely from scratch can be a lot of work and usually requires a certain level of skill that not every homeowner possesses. So we decided to share our 10 favorite IKEA hacks - simple projects you can try to make your otherwise conventional IKEA furniture look more beautiful and luxurious. Check it out below and get ready to get your DIY on.

We're not IKIDDING you, these are from IKEA!

Stools - Removable wallpaper in fun patterns turns regular stools into works of art! Perfect for children's rooms or just jazzing up your own space, these stools are super easy to make.

Cabinets - Switching out the knobs and top part of this cabinet make it look like a custom built-in. It's the little details that define IKEA furniture, so transforming these pieces isn't usually a huge undertaking.

Image via Made By Girl

Side Table - This IKEA table was only $30, but you wouldn't believe it - heck, you wouldn't even believe it was from IKEA. Marble contact paper and copperleaf give this side table a serious upgrade!

Image via Style Me Pretty

Entryway Table - Just because a piece of IKEA furniture doesn't fit your exact requirements when you first buy it, doesn't mean you can't make it work. Paint and a little carpentry turned this shelf into the perfect entryway table.

Image via The Sweet Beast

Tote - Ok, so this isn't exactly for your home, but the hack was so creative we had to share it. I guess what we're trying to say is, we totally love this tote. It's more complex than the other hacks we've shared, but the end result is so stunning you won't believe this bag was once a pillow case.

Image via Melissa Esplin

Window Bench - A cushion, some legs, and a bit of carpentry turn this shelving unit into a window bench.

Image via Mommy Vignettes

Bathroom Vanity - A touch of milk paint changes the feel of this IKEA vanity, making it look a lot more luxurious, expensive, and unique.
Chair - Turn a boring, plastic desk chair, into something more fluffy, original, and comfortable. Our very own Digital Marketing Director, Joanne Carry, is responsible for this creative hack!

Image via Snapguide

Lamp - Fill the inside of this clear IKEA lamp with paint and suddenly you have a bright, adorable piece of furniture. $23 well spent!

We love lamp!

Bookshelves - Adding some faux crown molding to these simple bookshelves and painting their interiors a rich color immediately makes them look a lot more high-end.

We hope these hacks help to inspire your next DIY project and show you how a really simple undertaking can have a huge impact on a space. Are there other IKEA hacks you've tried that we haven't listed here? Share them with @HomeShows on Twitter. We'd love to hear about how you've made your furniture better!

Apr 14, 2015

Spring cleaning isn't just the time when you scrub the areas of your home that aren't always on your "To Do" list, it's also a great opportunity to organize spaces that tend to get easily cluttered. We've vowed to help you with your spring cleaning, so we compiled a list of rooms and appliances that can typically use an assessment, purge, and restructuring. Check it out below, as well as some expert techniques you can modify and implement in your home, and get ready to get organized.

Remember, spring cleaning has chores that fall into three categories: cleaning, organizing, and maintenance. To help you, we're writing blogs to tackle tasks that fall into all three of these categories. Enjoy our tips on organizing below, read up on cleaning here, and check back for more advice on home maintenance.


Refrigerator - We're sure cleaning the fridge is on your spring cleaning list, (you probably even do it more than once or twice a year), but is organizing it on the list too? When your fridge space makes sense, you're less likely to waste food and it's easier to keep your fridge clean year-round. Squawkfox has a great system you can modify to fit your refrigerator and eating habits.

Image via Squawkfox

Kitchen Cabinets - While you're working in your kitchen, it might be a good time to evaluate the state of your cabinets. How organized are they? It's easy for us to hold onto kitchen items for longer than we should (I'm sure you've got some Tupperware that doesn't have all its parts, chipped mugs and glasses, and old water bottles that you wouldn't use but don't want to throw away). Since you're in spring cleaning mode, take the plunge and start purging your useless kitchen items. Bargain Briana has got great tips to help you whip your cabinets into shape.

Image via Bargain Briana

Bathrooms - It's so easy for your bathroom to become cluttered. It seems like there's a specific product or two for every part of your body, and if you're sharing a bathroom with one or more people, that's a lot of stuff you have to make room for. If you have a gigantic storage-filled bathroom we're jealous, but if you're like most of us and have a small space you have to make compromises in, Good Housekeeping has some great ideas for you.

Garage - For many households the bulk of spring cleaning revolves around the garage. It is an area of the home that sees a lot of change as the weather gets warmer. Bring out your gardening gear and sports equipment, put away your shovels (finally!) and holiday lights. Getting your garage organized is a large chore, but luckily Listoic has it broken down into 28 manageable tasks.

Image via Listoic

Closet - Another part of your home that'll see some major change as the weather improves is your closet. As you say goodbye to sweaters and hello to sundresses, use the opportunity to take a minute to organize and purge this space. Buzzfeed has some useful techniques to help you assess your garments so you can determine what stays, what should be donated, and what belongs in the trash.

Image via Buzzfeed

We hope these tips help to clear your space and mind. For more spring cleaning advice make sure to check out our article on keeping your home spotless, and watch out for more advice on home maintenance soon.

Apr 10, 2015

This month we’ve been on a quest to provide simple tips, tricks, and ideas to help you spring clean smarter. Although we have already outlined some best practices and often-missed spots for cleaning, there’s a lot more info coming your way. In the next few weeks we’ll be discussing methods for organizing and maintaining your home more effectively. But for now, while you’re in the thick of your most tedious spring cleaning chores, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you some household cleaning hacks.

Showerhead Hack – Not sure how to clean your showerhead without unscrewing it or doing some seriously awkward scrubbing and reaching? Don’t worry. The folks at Wonderful Engineering have hacked this chore; all you need is vinegar, a plastic bag, and a little patience.

Shower Spray Hack – Ok, so we’ve yet to find a five minute deep clean hack for showers (that’s wizardry), but we did find a cheap and effective way to keep your shower clean. Once your shower has had a good scrub, use this homemade shower spray after every shower you take. It’s simple and inexpensive to make (there are only three ingredients) and it’ll help your scrubbing go a long way.

Image via Pop Sugar

Pillow Hack – Think you can’t clean your pillows? Think again. It’s as easy as turning on the washing machine. One Good Thing hacked this important chore so you can get your comfy cushions back in great condition.

Image via One Good Thing

Vacuum Hack – Don’t have one of those fancy vacuum attachments? Don’t worry. A toilet paper roll will work just as well. Save yourself some cash and clean all the hard to reach spots in your home.

Image via ViralNova

Cord Organizing Hack – Toilet paper rolls also work well for keeping cords untangled and organized!  
Hard To Reach Hack – Have you ever tried getting the dust and crumbs trapped in between your keyboard keys or car vents? Those spots used to be pretty well impossible to get clean...until now! This cleaning slime, (yes, we know it sounds like an oxymoron), is your new best friend! Simply Living Smart will show you how to make it and the best spots to use it.

Furniture Hack – Over the years your furniture can see some wear and tear. If you’ve got dings on your wooden pieces, buff them out using walnuts! (Seriously!)

Fix It Hack – While we’re on the subject of fixing things, did you know there’s a website that will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix something you’ve broken? So if you get a little over zealous during your spring cleaning and break something, the Fix It Club has got you covered!

Image via SlipTalk

Hammer Hack – Should any of your fixes or chores involve a hammer and nails, we’ve got the ultimate hack to share with you.  Instead of holding the your soon-to-be-hammered nails in your mouth as you line everything up (gross and a little dangerous), simply glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer and keep your nails there! What a genius idea!

We hope these simple hacks help you through your spring cleaning chores. Are there helpful hacks that you think we should know about? Tweet @HomeShows your favorite home improvement and cleaning hacks – we want to hear from you!

Apr 7, 2015

Many of us have been ready for spring for a while - an especially long winter will do that to most, and this has been a long one (it doesn't even seem over in some places yet!). Although this change in seasons is one that's highly anticipated, it does bring with it something that not everyone loves: chores. That's right, we're talking about the dreaded act of spring cleaning, when the usual surface tidying will not do, and homeowners must instead start sweeping behind the very couches under which they normally hide dust.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of your spring cleaning "To Do" list, so we decided to help you get started and came up with a list of our own. We've found clever and efficient ways to complete your essential spring cleaning tasks. The way we see it, most spring cleaning chores fall into one of three categories: maintenance, organizing, and cleaning. To keep things simple we'll be posting separate blogs for each category. Today's is Cleaning, but make sure to watch out for Organizing and Maintenance.


Window Sills - Most of us are too busy looking through our windows to notice the dirt that can collect on the sill and inner part of the frame. These areas are a grime magnet, and since they're so awkward to clean, it can be hard to get them to shine - or at least it used to be. First Home Love Life has a great technique and solution for cleaning this space. All you need is vinegar, baking soda, water, and just a little elbow grease.

Stove - Ok, it's harder not to notice the dirt and debris that collects on your stove and in your elements. The main issue holding most back from cleaning this part of the kitchen is knowledge. How do you get your stove spotless without breaking something (including a heavy sweat!)? Like most things in life, Martha Stewart has the answer.

Image via Martha Stewart

Oven- Martha also has great advice for cleaning your oven that doesn't involve scary, chemical-ridden oven cleaner. Make a paste out of baking soda and water and wait. Scrape it off after enough time has passed and you won't believe the results!

Image via Martha Stewart

Microwave - Not a big baker? Your microwave could probably use a good scrub. Simply Stacie has an awesome technique to remove the stuck on mess that can collect in this appliance without spending hours scrubbing.

Image via Simply Stacie

Washing Machine - Think you don't have to clean your washing machine? Think again! Yes, it does have soap and water running through it regularly to get your clothes clean. However, your garments will leave remnants of their now-removed stains as well as lint and other debris behind. Most manufacturers will recommend a semi-annual cleaning, so it's a great chore to incorporate into your spring cleaning list. Love, Pomegranate House has a fabulous method for getting a top loading washing machine clean. Try it today.

Mattress - Mattresses often get overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning, but trust us, this is something you want to clean! We won't got into dust mite facts (they're gross!) but seriously, clean your mattress. Better Homes and Gardens outlines a few different techniques you can try, and they're all very simple to execute.

We hope this list helps you get a jump start on your spring cleaning. Remember to check back for more tips on organization and home maintenance.

Apr 2, 2015

Have some entertaining to do over the Easter weekend? Wow guests of all ages with these super sweet Easter treats. Not only will they make the perfect addition to any Easter basket, cooking them up is a breeze!

Bottoms Up - These fun fannies are an adorable way to say Happy Easter!

Image via Pillsbury

Cinnabunnies - We'll definitely hop on board with this tasty snack. Plus, they're made with raisins and almonds, so it's almost like they're good for you!

Image via Betty Crocker

Marvelous Macarons - These cute chicks will have everyone tweeting for joy! #delicious

Rethink Your Basket - Most of us can't fit a cake in our Easter baskets, so why not turn the Easter basket into a cake? This is such a sweet idea and the cake looks amazing!

Image via The Cake Blog

Orange You Glad It's A Strawberry - Not that we don't love carrots, but we're way happier biting into a chocolate covered strawberry that's disguised as a carrot!

Image via Lil' Luna

Egg-cellent Truffles - How amazing do these look? There's no way any store bought candy can beat Easter egg cookie dough truffles in your basket!

Image via Wine And Glue

Bunny Bites - You'll have guests bouncing up and down when they see these bunny pretzels.

Birds Nest Cookies - Treat your flock with these scrumptious cookies.

Image via Somewhat Simple

SurPeeps! - Spoiler alert: these Peeps covered cupcakes have Easter candy hidden inside!

Image via Tablespoon
This is a must-do if you have little ones joining you for the holiday!

Grass Is Greener - Ok, so this is a little big for your typical Easter basket, but it's the perfect dessert for Easter dinner so we simply had to share it!

Image via The Cake Blog

We hope these delicious recipes are a hit during your Easter celebrations - you'll certainly give the Easter Bunny a run for their money! From all of us here at Marketplace Events, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter.

Mar 31, 2015

We're egg-cited and we just can't hide it (although we have been hiding lots of eggs)! Easter is this Sunday and after what feels like one of the longest winters we've had in ages, we're ready to celebrate this fun holiday and the start of spring. A favorite Easter tradition for many families is dying Easter eggs, and this year to help everyone get in the Easter spirit we've compiled a list of egg-centric decorating ideas for your eggs. Check 'em out below and then get cracking!

Rubber Cement - These little guys are a snap and the finished product looks so cool!

Chalk It Up - This decorating style is perfect for little crafters. Not only do these eggs look adorable, but your little ones will be able to decorate them again and again.

Image via Oleander + Pam

Photo Bomb - This is one seriously clever idea and the results are super cute! Share them with friends and extended family, and have fun hiding them around the house!

Image via A Subtle Revelry

Easter Buddies - We're really into these cartoony cartons! You can try the sweet chick, bunny, and mouse seen here or create your own.

Lace 'Em Up - These lace eggs look so delicate and romantic, and the combination of textures really adds a level of sophistication that you don't normally see in Easter eggs. They'll look lovely as part of your centerpiece.

Message In An Egg - Not able to spend Easter with everyone you care about? Use this sweet idea to send some love to those who are far away.

Image via Poppytalk

Party On - Let the Easter festivities begin with these party-goers!

Image via Studio DIY

Watercolor Us Impressed - Considering how beautiful these watercolor eggs look, they're actually not that hard to make. A few splashes of paint, a marker, and you're done. These fabulous floral beauties will look great as part of your Easter display.

Marvelous Marble - We just cannot get over the look of these eggs! They're so bright and fun, and making them is a blast!

Image via Camille Styles

Chubby Bunnies - Crepe paper is the key ingredient to making these little guys and many of Martha's Easter egg decorations. We've hopped on board with this cute idea and think you should too!

Image via Martha Stewart

Shell Out - We're so into the concept of using egg shells as planters. You can create these small, sweet floral arrangements that fit perfectly on tables and window sills.

Image via Le Robins Nest

Paint Chips - Ok, these aren't actually eggs, but we couldn't resist sharing this charming idea. This Easter garland is super simple to make and looks wonderful; what could be better?

We hope these decoration ideas help make your Easter egg-perience a fun one! From our family to yours, Happy Easter!