Aug 8, 2012

3 Indoor Summer Tips

1. Paint bright colors on the walls
2. Plant fresh indoor plants
3. Clean the outside of windows with newspaper and window cleaner

3 Outdoor Summer Tips

1. Build a fire pit and use the pit often
2. Create a shade structure with a shade sail or trellis and plant climbing vines to cover structures for cool dense shade
3. Install an outdoor sculpture with a backlight it for dramatic effect.

3 Summer Room Updates

1. If your bedroom doesn’t feel like an early-morning sanctuary, it’s time for an update! Stylize your room by adding varying lighting elements, introducing new textiles to your bedding and window treatments, and refinishing old side tables with brighter colors.
2. If your garage is wasted spaced, invest time into organizing the clutter and turning it into a fun room or an outdoor living space to enjoy the great weather.
3. The dining room brings the family together and must be a royal palace for a great dining experience.  Make the room dramatic and bold. It will enhance the family experience and make you want to sit for hours and just talk and spend quality time with one another.


Inspiration from celebrity designer: Todd Davis, of HGTV's Room Crashers. Todd will be in Utah appearing at the Deseret News Home Show

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="100"] HGTV's Todd Davis[/caption]