Aug 10, 2012

Get international with the meals at your Olympic bash! Can you identify all these food flags?

The Olympics are coming to an end. So as we get ready to watch the closing ceremonies and celebrate our respective countries, let’s plan an Olympics-themed party!

Here are some ideas!

1. Make edible Olympic torches from popcorn, Cheetos, or Goldfish crackers in ice cream cones.

2. Gather old medals to give to guests as they walk in.

3. Purchase an array of international foods and beers so your guests can take a trip around the world.

4. If possible, play a few Olympic or sports games on your gaming console.

5. If possible, host a mini sports tournament (horseshoes, soccer shootout, etc.).

6. Play Olympic trivia. Make sure guests play in teams for a specific country.

7. Pour Olympic shots! Purchase alcohol that is the same color as the rings (Blue Curacao, Creme de Banane, coffee, Midori, and Aftershock cinnamon liqueur for example).

8. Create the Olympic rings out of balloons.

9. Make ice cream cake with a nation’s colors.

10. Wear country-themed clothing.

11. Arrange your snacks by color.

12. Make mini flag toothpicks to place in appetizers.

13. Serve Goldschlager liquor to the party contest winners.

14. Take lot’s of pictures!

Good luck in your events, and happy cheering!