Aug 21, 2012

There are as many grocery apps as there are grocery stores, however I’ve found Grocery Mate the most useful. It allows you to create multiple shopping lists which can be shared with the rest of the family. Being able to share your lists and sync all household devices (whether iPhone or Android) is really the main attraction of this app. Have you ever been in the store and receiving calls with orders for multiple items? Now everyone can open the app and compile one neat list.

To automatically sync all household lists you need to sign up for an account with Grocery Mate. This allows all devices to sync with the website and also allows users without mobile devices to update lists directly from the web page. Signing up on the website is free at

It is also very handy while in the store. One swipe will cross things off the list and move them to the bottom leaving all still to be gathered items at the top of the list. This way you always know what you need to pick up next, especially if you’ve taken the time to itemize by category such as dairy or snacks.

You can change the font, skin, unit of measurement, and currency, and the app also allows you to track your spending. There is a set database of grocery items, and you can create also create multiple lists of your own – for things other than just groceries.

Perfect for those of us who often forget to pick up the paper list from the fridge. You’ll never forget items on your list (or the paper list) again!


iPhone - $3.99:

Android - $1.89:

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