Aug 20, 2012

Happy Monday everyone – or as we’re calling it around here, HGTV Main Stage Monday! Every Monday in August and September, we’ll be featuring a little behind-the-scenes info about our fabulous talents appearing at the Vancouver Home + Design Show, October 11-14, 2012 at BC Place.

So, say hello to Janette Ewen! She’ll be sharing her tips for thinking (and sprucing up your space!) like a designer live from the HGTV Main Stage. Be sure to snag a complimentary consultation with her at the Ask a Decorator booth on Design Saturday, October 13, directly following either of her presentations. Check the schedule here for times.


Name: Janette Ewen. My friends call me “Jay.”

Occupation: Stylist (interior and fashion), and entertaining expert

Birthdate: January 16. I’m not telling you the year!

Horoscope sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

What’s your regular coffee order? I don’t drink coffee… but I do enjoy an occasional Diet Coke for breakfast. Is that wrong?

What was your first job? I was a papergirl and I hated it. The kids at school seriously teased me about it.

How were you discovered? I’m still waiting! I did get a break when I moved from being a receptionist (at an architecture firm) to an editorial assistant position (at Chatelaine magazine). The marketing director  at the architecture firm saw a job posting for Chatelaine and suggested I apply – well, he did more than suggest, he wrote my resume and cover letter! I got the job because of that cover letter. It changed my life! The marketing director, Danny Sinopoli, is still my best friend (and is the current style editor at The Globe and Mail).

Most memorable career moment to date: The day that Ty Pennington hired me to co-host W Network’s Inside the Box with him. We only lasted a season, but it was the best feeling to know that someone who I admire immensely chose me to work with him.

Any embarrassing on-the-job moments you’d like to share? Oh jeez, there are so many to choose from!  I once attached a very heavy microphone pack to my underwear (I had no belt and was wearing a summer dress) when I was appearing on The Shopping Channel. My underwear were a tad large and they fell down to about my knees on live TV, which caused me to cuss on live TV!

Describe your design style in five words or less: Narrative, original, multi-dimensional, authentic, mysterious

love this space!</p><br/><p>sfgirlbybay:</p><br/><p>(via Loft Apartment, Copenhagen – The Apartment)<br /><br/>

One of Janette's recent Images

What design trend or item are you coveting for fall? I am super crushing on the Swan bed by Huppe.

The last item you bought for your home: I just bought some killer 1970s screen prints for my Santa Monica apartment.

What is your Twitter handle? @Janette_Ewen

What songs are on repeat on your iPod? Anything and everything by The Killers. I’m also playing a lot of Tupac lately, especially “Hit ‘Em Up.”

One place you always visit while in Vancouver: The Douglas Coupland Orca

Name one natural talent you wish you had: I wish I could sing, I’m awful.

Subject you could wax poetic about/that fascinates you: People who are unhappy in their lives and don’t change anything. You get one shot – make it count!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Don’t marry until you are 30. Go out and see the world, and find out what you love… my Dad told me that. I think he regrets it (I still haven’t settled down!).

What’s your personal mantra? I borrowed Justin Bieber’s: “Never say never.”


Don’t you just love her already? See you soon, Janette!