Aug 14, 2012

I always get excited when the new IKEA catalogue is released. I like to have a good long browse of the catalogue with a nice cup of tea at hand.

This year the IKEA catalogue is even better; in addition to the print version there is also an app to make your browsing more interactive!

Download at or search for "IKEA" in the AppStore.

(iPad, iPhone, and Android)

The new 2013 catalogue isn’t limited to the ideas in print. It comes to life on your phone by scanning anywhere there is an interactive symbol on the page. A quick scan reveals videos, 3D graphics, x-ray views and d├ęcor changes. I love that it allows you to see inside a piece of furniture (x-ray views) making it even easier to imagine how a piece will function.

You can also find a store, a product, make a shopping list and see special offers. Plus download international publications to see if the product selection is different in other stores. Handy for any international jet-setting designer!