Aug 31, 2012

I've always loved serving trays because they group together items in a stylish manner. Placing items on a tray separates them, makes certain things stand out, and allows for less clutter or mess to occur.  So, it is no wonder that I was incredibly pleased when I found this delightful idea of adding chalk paint to trays.

Great for entertaining, a DIY chalk tray allows you to label goods (cheese, drinks, appetizers) directly on its surface!

*NOTE: For those concerned about CHALK DUST on their treats, opt for only covering a portion of the tray in chalk and leaving the remanding surface as is.

chalkboard serving platter

The Steps

1. Tape off the desired chalk area.

2. Use chalk paint (or porcelain chalk paint if painting porcelain) to paint the inside of the serving tray. make sure the surface is clean & dry. Several  thin coats may need to be applied.

3. Let dry and bake if instructed by the porcelain chalk paint bottle.

4. Wash well with soap & water.

5. Let dry, label with chalk & serve away!

*NOTE: You can also place a dish or wax paper under the food item in order to avoid dust or surface scratches.