Aug 23, 2012

Photo via WOHNIDEE

An earlier posts on the Home and Garden Blog featured DIY Coffee Bean Candles; in keeping with that theme I present to you these amazing DIY Cinnamon Candles!

(A great decor swap for the upcoming fall season)

The Steps

1. Grab a few tall & round unscented candles.

2. Purchase a pack of cinnamon sticks. These can be found in many grocery stores, spice shops, and some craft stores.

3. Tie the cinnamon sticks around the contour of the candles and secure in place with twine or string. If you are having difficulty, use tape to wrap the cinnamon sticks and remove it once the twine is in place.

**These candles can be grouped together on a plate or spread throughout the home; either way, they will smell fabulous when lit.