Sep 17, 2012

 Concerto Table, Spindle Back Chairs, Black on Black Occasional Chairs via Alta Moda Furniture

Exhibiting at the upcoming Toronto Fall Home Show is Alta Moda Furniture. Offering a unique shopping experience, Alta Moda is a place where customers are able to come in and customize furniture to best suit their home.  With a woodworking and upholstery factory located onsite, any idea is a possibility and they love to make it happen.


Name: Gaetano Colacci

Occupation: Designer

Company/Organization: Alta Moda Furniture



Twitter: @altamodafurn

How many years have you exhibited at the Toronto Fall Home Show and National Home Show? Every year since 2009

How did you originally get involved with the shows? I received a cold call explaining the show and I signed on.

Why our Home Shows? As a Vaughan Retailer/Manufacturer, our company was looking for new clients from the city and out of the GTA.  Joining a great list of vendors at the largest home show in Canada was an easy choice and it has expanded my client base.

What advice or tips would you give our visitors shopping for furniture? – Don’t Settle. It is very easy when looking for furniture to find something that fits the budget. However if you buy a low price, low quality product it may end up costing you more in the long run. Look for well built Canadian made upholstery. Sometimes, for only 10-15% more you can get a product that will last 2-3 times as long.

How would you describe your personal design taste? When I design furniture, I always try to appeal to the mass market as designing for a furniture store with such a wide variety of customers requires me to do so. In my own home, I have a very comfortable yet, eclectic taste. I love taking antiques and restoring them to new, with a slight modern twist.

Windfield Master Bedroom

 SOHO Upholstered Headboard, Stephanie 188 Bench via Alta Moda Furniture

How did you get into the furniture business? I was born into it, literally. My father was an upholsterer when he moved to Canada and shortly after opened up his own retail store and shop which has grown into what Alta Moda Furniture is today. I have worked here my whole life.

What part of your business are you most passionate about? My customers. As much as I love to design furniture, without your customers you are designing without a cause. When customers come in and they are passionate about creating something beautiful for their home, I get excited. I am able to work with them to make their ideas come to life and when it all comes together, it is an incredible feeling.

Tell us something that makes your company and products unique: The fact that we are 100% Canadian made, and 100% customizable. Everything we make can be modified to fit and work for your home.

Tell us about the best product you’ve ever purchased at a home show – what was it, what did it do, and why did you buy it? I bought a magnetic key-chain holder from umbra 2 years ago. It was a great find to help me finish off the entrance way to my home.

Other than exhibiting, what feature/celebrity/etc. are you most looking forward to at this fall’s Toronto Home Show? The Property Brother’s Jonathan & Drew Scott .



Thanks so much to Gaetano Colacci of Alta Moda Furniture for giving us some insight on being a Home Show exhibitor, a designer, and a great friend of Home and Garden Events.


- See you at Toronto’s Fall Home Show!