Sep 24, 2012

Catch Bryan at The Vancouver Home + Design Show!

As promised, we’re kicking off the week with another big name set to appear at the upcoming Vancouver Home + Design Show, October 11-14 at BC Place. You might recognize him as the host of such hit HGTV shows as Leave It To Bryan and House of Bryan or more recently, as the star of House of Bryan 2: On The Rocks (we weren’t kidding when we said he was big!). We were thrilled to have the chance to talk to master contractor and one of HGTV’s most recognized personalities, Bryan Baeumler, before he makes his debut at the Vancouver Home + Design Show this fall.

Having started his own handyman business at the young age of 14, Bryan is no stranger to getting his hands dirty when it comes to home improvement. With a Gemini award and more than a few hit TV series under his belt, Bryan is now busier than ever as he kicks off the new season of Leave It To Bryan, where you can see him tackling even the most daunting of renovations with ease every Thursday at 10pm et/pt on HGTV.

From the right attitude to the right tools, don’t miss Bryan on the HGTV Main Stage as he offers up expert advice on the essentials for home improvement success. Check the schedule here [link] for his presentation times.


Name:  Bryan Baeumler
Occupation:  Father of 3.5, husband to Sarah, owner of Baeumler Quality, construction, HGTV host
Birthday: April 18, 1974
Horoscope sign: Aries – the RAM!
Hometown: Oakville, ON

  • What’s your regular coffee order? 
    • Medium double-double… thank you, Mr. Horton.
  • What was your first job? 
    • Driving a tractor for the farmer behind the house where I grew up – I couldn't reach the pedals, so I just had to steer towards hay bales and hope the older guys got them loaded on the trailer before I ran over them. I ran over a few… 
  • How were you discovered? 
    • I offered to supply construction labour to a production company for free in exchange for some advertising for my business. Turns out they were looking for a smart-ass host for a new show…the rest is history!
  • Most memorable career moment to date: 
    • Being nominated for a Gemini award for Best Host in a Lifestyle or Practical Information Series for season 1 of Disaster DIY, and actually winning it for season 2. Pretty surreal moment.
  • What famous figure(s) inspires your career? 
    • My Dad. He's famous around our house ;)
  • If you weren't in your current occupation, what would be your dream job? 
    • Something on or under the ocean… like a treasure hunter.
  • Any embarrassing on-the-job moments you’d like to share? 
    • While filming the pilot for Disaster DIY, I told the homeowner to be careful not to hit a water pipe in the floor with the jackhammer, and hit it myself three seconds later. Oops.
  • Describe your design style in five words or less: 
    • Comfortable modern rustic chic. Look for it in design dictionaries soon!
  • What design trend or item are you coveting for fall? 
    • An indoor pool.
  • The last item you bought for your home: 
    • A big orange Husqvarna lawn tractor with a 54" deck. Cutting the grass has never been so much fun.
  • How do you keep your home looking great? 
    • Any tricks of the trade? It's all about regular maintenance – paint touch ups once a year, and keep it clean.
  • What is your Twitter handle?  
  • What movie or program is at the top of your Netflix queue? 
    • Breaking Bad or Walking Dead.
  • What songs are on repeat on your iPod? 
    • Zac Brown Band’s 'Chicken Fried'.
  • One place you always visit while in Vancouver:
    •  Cardero's
  • Name one natural talent you wish you had: 
    • Sometimes I wish I could juggle.
  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 
    • The first time I put my last name on the side of my work truck, my Dad pointed at it and said, “Don't forget that's my name… don't screw it up. Work hard, pay your taxes, and keep your nose clean.”
  • What’s your personal mantra? 
    • Work hard, play harder.
Now that’s some advice we can get behind. We’re so excited to have Bryan at this year’s Vancouver Home + Design Show – from on-screen to on stage, don’t miss your chance to see this handyman in action!