Sep 26, 2012

With the advent of DIY culture, renovations have become an increasingly popular and cost-effective way for homeowners to make their dream homes a reality. I recently embarked on one myself – stay tuned for details on that after the show.

In the meantime, let’s face it – although the “after” product is often well worth it, the process itself is usually more intimidating than glamourous. Add contractors into the mix and the whole situation is enough to turn any homeowner into a nervous wreck (we’ve all heard the home improvement horror stories!).

Enter the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association Renovation Zone, always a popular feature at the Vancouver Home + Design Show. Presented by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association, it features an abundance of trustworthy home improvement-related information to ensure all visitors walk away with the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle their next home renovation project.

Think more than 1,000 square feet of before-and-after photos and reliable referrals, plus complimentary consultations with well-known respected trade members. Fear not when it comes to renovations any longer!