Oct 17, 2012

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This week’s profile is an exhibitor who recently attended the Toronto Fall Home Show for the very first time, Evoke & Imagine...
(DON'T WORRY, they ship to all of North America)

Their business: Evoke & Imagine currently specializes in wall art—fine art prints, canvases and wall decals. They also give individuals the option to create custom wall art from any of their templates.


How did your company get started?

We are very passionate about self-improvement and design. We realize this is an interesting intersection but that’s exactly where we came up with the idea to make quotes a part of home and office d├ęcor. We wanted to start with a whole line of products (cushions, wall art, bed sheets etc.) but realized that we should start small and expand as the business grows.

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What inspires your company when creating your various products?

We spend a lot of time browsing online for trends and design inspiration. Pinterest has been a great tool for gathering information and inspiring the team. We also look for inspiration in unusual places—sometimes a great idea or product will come from an amazing experience, conversation or even a dream.

Describe your company’s design style in five words or less.

Clean. Contemporary. Thought provoking.

What is your featured item this for the holiday season?

Definitely our wall decals; they were such a hit at the show we can’t wait to make them available in all of our designs.

Do you listen to music in the workplace?

Some days we can’t work without music and others we need complete silence—really depends on what kind of day it is. When we are playing music we generally listen to R&B and soul.

Any embarrassing company moments you are willing to share?

The first time we ever printed one of our designs we had a proud and exciting moment, it was amazing to see our work as an actual product. A few second passed and we noticed that the print we had just blown up had a grammar mistake! We’ve kept that print framed in our office as a reminder to always double check our spelling and grammar.

How many years have you been involved in the Fall Home Show?

This was our first year with the Fall Home Show—we are very happy we participated.

What is your favourite part about the show?

Networking! Meeting people from other companies and show attendees was definitely the best experience.

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They are always creating, designing and inspiring!