Jul 31, 2013

We're thrilled to have Annie Sloan, one of the world's most popular experts in decorative painting, join us at both our 2013 Toronto Fall Home Show (Oct. 6, 2013) and our Vancouver Home + Design Show (Oct. 19, 2013).  As one of the world’s most respected experts in the field of decorative painting, Annie has been largely instrumental in the painted furniture revolution through her easy-to-approach, lively and creative attitude to painting.

Annie has developed an incredible paint brand called Chalk Paint.  Not actually meant for chalk, Annie's Chalk Paint sticks to almost anything without any priming or sanding!  This fast-drying miracle paint can be applied to wood, concrete, metal, matte pasting, earthenware, and much more indoors or out!

Check out Annie's One-Colour Distressing Technique


  1. Apply a coat of Chalk Paint in a crisscross motion (feel free to paint the metal fixtures) 
  2. Make several thicker three-dimensional brush strokes to help with a distressed look
  3. Let dry for 20 minutes
  4. Work a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax into the piece with a brush (not too thick!) 
  5. Wipe the excess wax off with a cloth
  6. In sections, work a coat of Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax into the piece with a brush, wipe off with a cloth before wax dries 
  7. Use more clear wax and sand paper on corners to achieve desired look


You could WIN a copy of Annie Sloan's DIY book, Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more
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