Dec 1, 2013


Have you moved recently?  Know anyone who has?  If so, RE/MAX, sponsor of both our Toronto & Ottawa spring home shows has given us their list of perfect holiday gifts for new home buyers and recent movers.  

As experts in all things real estate, it's no wonder RE/MAX had a perfect list full of perfect holiday gift for friends and family.  The emphasis here, keep it simple, useful, and interesting folks!   

 10 Gift Ideas for New Home Buyers 

1. Toolbox 
Tool Box 3

  • If it’s a first home, a toolbox can be really handy!  While some may come with the tools already inside, you may need to fill it up with wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, nails, pliers, a tape measure, and whatever else you think would be essential.   

2. Gift Certificates 
Gift Card

  • Obviously a great gift for anyone, new homeowners or recent movers will really appreciate your contribution to their next trip to the hardware store, furniture store, even grocery store!

3. Coffee Table Books 

  • A great way to help make a new house a home, a coffee table book that reflects the homeowners interests will introduce a new conversation piece into the living room without dramatically impacting the decor of the new place. 

4. Wine Glasses

  • No surprise here, these delicate gems often break during a big move.  A nice set of wine glasses for recent movers is a great way to help these homeowners get ready for housewarming parties, holiday events, and casual dinners.  Added idea, give this gift with a nice bottle of wine to test 'em out.  

5. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Fire Extinguisher  

A fire extinguisher people don't want to hide.
Extinguishers via Fire Design

  • Many homes do not come with working alarms or extinguishers, and if they do, they are often older models.  Give your friends more modern alarms and extinguishers to keep things safe and up-to-date. 

6. Candles

  • Scented or not, candles add an elegant shimmer to any room.  Perfect for new homeowners, who may have thrown away older items before the move, fresh candles, maybe even candle holders, are always sure to delight! 

7. Online Shopping


  • For some more personalized or creative gift ideas, take a peak on some awesome e-commerce sites like the ones above for things like prints, custom photographs, personalized pillows, books, drapery, linens, etc.!  With these websites you can do a lot of your holiday shopping from home. 

8. Plants

  • Plants, or nicely cut flowers, are a great way to liven up a new home.  This is one detail that may go forgotten in a new homeowner's rush to unpack and settle in.  Help out and bring over a nice plant! 

9. Spa/Bathroom Basket 
Spa #3: Spa inspired

  • Along with towels, new homeowners may appreciate some fresh soaps, scrubs, oils and other essentials to treat themselves when relaxing in their new digs. 

10. Kitchen Essentials   

  • Cutting boards, bottle openers, pepper mills, quality cooking oils, etc., these are items that can sit pretty on the counter top of any new home.  Delightful treats that will never go to waste, many of these kitchen essentials are often needed after a big move. 

Did we miss anything? 
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