Feb 6, 2013

Jennifer Scott and her sidekick, Megan Baker, (AKA the interior design duo from A Good Chick to Know, are a mere weeks away from their BC Home + Garden Show debut! We recently sat down with the pair to talk shop and get some answers to our décor dilemmas.

What was the first home design/improvement project you ever worked on? How did it turn out?

Megan: I told my mom I needed to stay home sick from school, when actually I was waiting for the chance to paint my room. It turned out bubble gum pink.

What design trends are you happy didn’t last?

Jennifer: Anything peach or dusty-rose – I’m a child of the 80s and am haunted by memories of everything from the wallpaper to the towel bars (holding the “display-not-to-actually-use” matching towels) in those colours.

Name one décor/home appliance item you think it’s ok to splurge on.

Jennifer: The sofa. Whether it’s vintage or brand-new luxury, spending money on the largest (and ideally most comfortable and well-used) item in your main living space is always worth it.

What’s the first step for any home project?

Megan: Check out what you have and love already. A lot of projects start with us editing client pieces to those that are the best examples of their personality.

What’s the one change a person can make to create the biggest design impact in a room?

Jennifer: My go-to for a cheap and cheerful update to any space is whitewashing the walls, and then adding a pop wallpaper as a feature. White is fresh, always chic and creates a gallery feel that allows a homeowner’s treasures to stand out.

Best app for design/renovation projects?

Megan: Spend Free. It’s a budget-tracking app that subtracts from your bottom line while you shop. There can be multiple budgets going at once and everything turns red when you’re getting near the limit.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. What’s the craziest thing that has inspired you?

Jennifer: I totally draw visual reference from all my experiences, but one project that that stands out is a display suite for Larco we designed as part of the BC’s Best Young Designer competition. The overall vision came from this one vintage orange lamp, picked up at a little shop on Main Street. The space was a blend of west coast warmth, graphic play and midcentury styling, complete with a bold orange and gold colour scheme. It’s still one of my favourite projects to date!


Watch for Jennifer and Megan as they hit the HGTV Main StageThursday, February 21 at 5PM, Friday, February 22 at 5PM, and Sunday, February 23 at 4PM presented by BC Home & Garden Magazine.