Feb 1, 2013

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Q: What is Tables on the Move?

We are a brother and sister owned company that creates elegant, contemporary, coffee, chat and dining room tables that transform into space-saving, show-stopping wall art and headboards.

Q: What is unique and different about your products?

Our tables look like heavy marble, but are actually lightweight. The legs are easily screwed off, so that if you don’t have a formal dining room or a lot of space, you can re-purpose and showcase your table top when not dining. Most people only use dining room tables a few times a year. These tables are so beautiful they can be displayed the rest of the year on the wall, vertically or horizontally, or even as a headboard. All of our tables can be used indoors or out. They’re very easy to clean and have widths that enable better conversation flow than traditional dining room tables. Our newest products are our smaller coffee and chat tables (small enough to actually leave in place all year round), and our wine chiller table, which has a built-in well to hold ice and wine bottles!

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Q: How did you come up with the idea for these tables?

My brother Paul Randall and I have owned a concrete resurfacing business for 20 years. I usually host the holidays. Before Thanksgiving 2011, I was lamenting that I wished we had one table that would fit our whole extended family. I don’t have a formal dining room, basement or attic, so would also have to figure out what to do with a large table the rest of the year. Paul is very artistic and combined his creative flair with his concrete resurfacing skills and my vision and we came up with the first Tables on the Move table for our family’s Thanksgiving celebration. I hang it in my Living Room the rest of the year. Everyone loved the table, so we began producing it for others. We continue to expand our offerings.

Q: Where can I see these tables?

Come visit us at Booth 312 between February 2 and 10 at the Philadelphia Home show. Last year, we won “New and Innovative Product” at the show. You can also visit our website at and our custom line at


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