Feb 28, 2013

We’re counting down the days to our National Home Show and our Ottawa Home & Garden Show.  With RE/MAX as the official sponsor of both shows, we’ve been able to get our hands some of their expert real estate advice, before the show doors open!

Nowadays, a lot of people assume they can buy or sell their home online; however, selling a home without the correct agent can prove to be quite the struggle.  Choosing the right real estate is very important, and our friends at RE/MAX are telling us exactly why.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

  1. Hiring a professional agent will give you access to accurate insight and valuable real estate knowledge.

  2.  A RE/MAX agent has current and historical market experience. This can be truly beneficial when determining a pricing strategy for your home.

  3. A RE/MAX agent will know how to improve the saleability and value of your home.  He or she will provide tips on maximizing the property’s condition.

  4. A real estate professional will know how to market your property to the right buyer.  RE/MAX agents have access to traditional and new marketing materials that can truly benefit the exposure of your home.

  5. Licensed professionals are very experienced with making legal and logistical considerations.  It’s important not to overlook these items.
Buying or selling a home very complex, a professional agent can ensure a much smoother transaction. 

Want more? Come visit RE/MAX Canada at both our National Home Show (Toronto) and our Ottawa Home & Garden Show.  Or check out and for quick real estate tips online!