Feb 8, 2013

Is there homework happening in your home? 

Whether it's just you or a whole bunch of people hoping to get some work done, you'd better have a space to get it all done.  There are so many options for home workspaces.  Whether you have room for a whole office, or just enough space for only a corner table and chair, the possibilities in efficient and stylish design are endless.

8 Perfect Workspaces

1. A Meeting Workspace via

2. A Small Space Workspace via Desire to Inspire

3. A Double Bedroom Workspace via Home and Garden Blog

4. A Small Gallery Wall Workspace via Homedit

5. An Elegant Bedroom Workspace viaBC Home + Garden Show

91 Magazine

6. A Small Desk Workspace via Decor8

7. An Organized Double Workspace via Desire to Inspire

8. A Minimalist Workspace via Design Mom

So which one is you favorite?

Please, leave a comment below.