Apr 26, 2013

9 Amazing Upcycles to Enjoy!

Jennifer Blevins and Amanda Geary's Change Table, featured at our Washington Home + Garden Show

As many of you may know, we at Home and Garden Events love to upcycle furniture.  We spent the majority of our last home show season asking you to vote on upcycled pieces from all over North America, and now it's time to stop the competition and showcase some of our favorite pieces.

Before we showcase our faves, check out this great video on how to easy upcycle a lamp and dresser.  With a little sanding and paint, you can really improve an old piece of furniture.

Side Table from John Combs Upcycle featured at our Philadelphia Home Show

Dog Bedside Table by Shoana Jensen featured at our Fall Home Show in Toronto

Julia Dilworth's Pastel Blue Desk featured at our Vancouver Home + Design Show

 Kitchen Island & Storage by Cathy Kivimaki featured at our Washington Home + Garden Show

Entryway Console Table via Shannon & Dean Acheson of A.K.A Design featured at the Fall Home Show in Toronto

Console Table via Tiffany Kalin featured at the Washington Home + Garden Show

Tray Table via Stacey Horst featured at our Des Moines Home + Garden Show

Terry Jett's Wine Bar featured at our Washington Home + Garden Show


Are you loving these DIY projects? We've got plenty more on our HomeShows Pinterest Board.

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