Apr 17, 2013

I'm gearing up for warm weather! Are you?  While the weather here in Toronto may have a mind of it's own, I know that eventually, it will be time to relax, tan, swim, party, and barbecue in the backyard.  And because that time is right around the corner, I've got your patio checklist right here!

Your Outdoor Checklist!

1. Barbecue or Grill

2. Umbrella, Gazebo, or Pergola

3. Several Seating Options

4. Flowers & Plants

5. Great Table or Eating Area

6. Outdoor Cushions (Remember to bring them in when it rains!)

7. Outdoor Lighting

Image via JLDesigns

8. Drink Cart or Bar Area

9. Candles (Citronella) & Tiki Torches


10. Outdoor Speakers or Radio

Do you agree with my top ten items? What are yours?

Happy backyard planning to all!