May 7, 2013

Today it's all about celebrating flowers and floral patterns in home decor.  While flowers and garden patterns may appear rather busy, the key to success is pairing these patterns with subtler surroundings.  If the floral pattern is primarily green and white, be sure to use similar-colored paint and furniture pieces throughout the space.  By balancing the colors in the floral pattern with the other elements in the room, you;ll be accenting your floral pieces without overpowering the entire space.

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7 Floral Patterns in All Spaces

 We fell in love with the bold mix of floral patterns and everything in between.  The darker shades in the space are the perfect compliment to the fairly busy design. Image via House & Home
Living Room - Pink paneled walls and a pair of floral wingback chairs with a garden stool

Bright & Traditional Space, Image via Lonny
Bold floral bedroom | traditional decorating ideas | Ideal Home |

Bold Floral Wall, Image via House to Home

A Floral Pattern to Tie in Both Spaces, Image via House & Home


Floral Note in the Bathroom, Image via Lonny

Patterned living room | Image |

Taupe & Pink Floral Sofa, Image via House to Home

Living Room - A floral couch and armchairs and a zebra rug in a living space

Floral-Patterned Sofas, Image via Lonny