May 30, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce RE/MAX as the official sponsor of both the National Home Show in Toronto and the Ottawa Home + Garden Show.

Since January now, the real estate experts at RE/MAX have been helping us determine the best way for making our homes both FitToSell and FitToBuy! With so many great tips, we felt it was time to create a little directory of all these amazing posts.

Check out the guide below:

  1. Flooring: Why It’s Important When Selling
  2. RE/MAX’s Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent
  3. The Home Inspection: A Quick Lesson on Selling from RE/MAX
  4. Improving Home Salability with RE/MAX
  5. RE/MAX’s Tips on Furniture & Lighting
  6. RE/MAX’s Top 5 Mistakes Made by Sellers
Once you’ve read all the tips, have a little more fun with RE/MAX! Visit them at either show for a taste of their hospitality and a chance to enter one of the RE/MAX Choose & Win Contests. This year RE/MAX is offering you a choice between winning Your Down Payment or a Landscape Makeover! Now the only difficult part is picking which contest to enter. Good luck!