Jun 21, 2013


We're excited to have The Garage Store at our Calgary Home + Design Show (Sept. 19-22)!

The Garage Store
  • Tell us a little bit about your feature product this season:
    • Monkey Bars Garage Organization System can store just about everything imaginable i.e.  bikes, skis, scuba gear  even baby carriages. The system is perfect for a smaller 2 car garage owner with 2 cars  lots of bikes  skis and a lot of stuff to store. 
  • Why is this system useful?
    •  It makes amazing  use of wall space and when it is combined with our Strong Racks overheads you have the best space makers available any where. 
  • Why is this system unique?
    • This is a new garage storage concept   that  is based on  a  heavy gauge powder coated  shelf that can hold up to a 1000  pounds every 4 feet. Each shelf has  a unique  wall storage system that can be fastened  below the shelf. 
The Garage Store is the exclusive Monkey Bar dealer in the Calgary area.

      Don't miss The Garage Store at our Calgary Home + Design Show (Sept. 19-22)!