Jun 21, 2013


We're excited to have Gotcha Covered at our Calgary Home + Design Show (Sept. 19-22)!

  • Tell us a little bit about your product:
    • Whether you are looking for simple treatments for privacy or light control, or elaborate designs to create your dream space, Gotcha Covered has the solution for every window.
  • Why your shutters so unique?
    • The sleek, classic elegance of Polysatin shutters can turn a window into a stunning focal point in any room.  With a variety of leading design options, colours, louver sizes, and frame styles to choose from, the versatility of Polysatin shutters ensure they will suit any d├ęcor. 
  • Any summer specials?
    • We've got a 25% Off Summer Shutter Sale!
  • What are some of the advantages of your shutters? 
    • Made from the highest quality polysatin compounds in the marketplace today, our Polysatin shutters are water resistant and will not warp from moisture, crack from heat or discolour from sunlight. They offer the perfect combination of durability, functionality and practicality. 

      Don't miss Gotcha Covered at our Calgary Home + Design Show (Sept. 19-22)!