Jun 26, 2013


You won't want to miss Twin Cities Siding Professionals at our 2014 Minneapolis Home & Garden Show (Feb. 26 - Mar. 2). 

We recently interviewed this fabulous exhibitor to learn a little more about them, check it out below! 

  • How did your company get started (founders, early ideas, developments, etc.)?
    • Twin Cities Siding Professionals was founded as a residential exterior painting company in 1995, and began installing James Hardie siding market in 1999.  We earned our James Hardie Preferred Remodeler status in 2001, and have focused on being the best James Hardie installer in the region.
  • What are your products/services?
    • We are a full service exterior remodeler.  We specialize in James Hardie siding, but also install new windows, doors, roofing, and decks.
  • What is your company’s mantra
    • Improve our customers’ lives by providing the highest quality building materials installed by highly skilled, professionally trained employees with the highest level of customer service. 
  • What’s the best advice (creative or business-related) that you've ever been given?
    • Always focus on quality and customer service.
  •  What are your home and garden pet peeves?
    • Poor work by those in our industry reflects badly on all of us.  We strive to do the best work and to set the bar high for everyone.
  • What are your top 3 home and garden tips for this season?
    1. Inspect your home carefully and don’t neglect problems that could become worse.
    2. Request an energy analysis of your home from your local utility.
    3. Plant some trees.  They are good for the environment, and the shade they provide can help reduce cooling costs.
  •  What is your featured item this season?
    • We love James Hardie siding products.
  •  How many years have you been involved in our home show?
    • 17 years
  •  What is your favorite part about the home show?
    • Seeing past clients that are still thrilled with their choice of contractors.
  •  What is the weirdest client request you have ever received?
    • A person who lived on a busy street wanted US to pay HIM to paint his house because of the “great advertising”.
  •  Any embarrassing company moments you are willing to share?
    • Once at a home show in 2002, our new siding display fell over on me as I was setting it up.  I needed several of my home show neighbors to help pull it off of me.
(Feb. 26 - Mar. 2) at the Minneapolis Convention Center.