Jun 18, 2013


You won't want to miss AJD Construction Group Inc. at our 2013 Toronto Fall Home Show (Oct. 3-6). 

AJD Construction Group Inc. has been serving the GTA construction, renovation and landscape requirements of their clients for over forty years, providing quality construction, renovation and landscape development services to home owners, builders, building and condo management companies and government agencies.

    We recently interviewed this fabulous Fall Home Show exhibitor, you can read their profile below!  

  • How did your company get started (founders, early ideas, developments, etc.)? 
    • I was a General Contractor & Landscaper for 27 years and in 2009 decided to start up AJD Construction Group Inc a Design Build Firm
Image via AJD Construction Group Inc.
  • What are your products/services? 
    • We offer design, construction and Project management for new home and buildings being residential or commercial in both construction and landscape
  • What is your company’s mantra? 
    • One entity. One contact. One unified flow of work from initial concept through to completion. A single source  responsibility.
  • What’s the best advice (creative or business-related) that you've ever been given? 
    • "What you become is far more important than what you get.  What you get will be influenced by what you become" Jim Robin
  • What are your home and garden pet peeves? 
    • Hearing stories about people being ill advised on landscape or gardening issues.  Seeing inexperienced people take on tasks which require a seasoned skilled hand in both the construction and landscape trades
  • What are your top 3 home and garden tips for this season?  
    1. Close shut-off valves to exterior hose bibs and disconnect the hose from the bib.  Although you may have a frost free hose bib, the hose must be disconnected in order for it to work effectively.  
    2. Make sure your eavestroughs are free from leaves or debris before the snow falls and all rainwater leaders are securely fastened and leading away from your house.  Don't forget to disconnect any rain barrels. 
    3. Protect your roses by mounding shredded bark mulch around their crown.  Leaving leaves in your garden beds over the winter will protect your perennials, just make sure to remove them in early spring.
  • What is your featured item this for this season? 
    • Our featured item for this season is the implementation of Consulting Business which offers expert advice, project management , solutions and recommendations.  For any construction and
  • How many years have you been involved in this particular Home Show? 

    • This is our 3rd Fall Home Show
  • What is your favourite part about the Fall Home Show
    • Meeting and speaking with people attending the show.
    Image via AJD Construction Group Inc.
  • What is the weirdest client request you have ever received? 
    • Someone asked me to move a 100 year old tree over 5 feet so he  would have a better view.