Jun 21, 2013


We're excited to have Messy Maid at our Toronto Fall Home Show (Oct. 3-6)!

  • Tell us a little bit about Messy Maid:
    • Messy Maid provides full service home cleaning, including, such extras as de-cluttering, windows, washing, bed-making, etc.
  • How did Messy Maid get started?
    • Our President & CEO had many years of Maid Service Management combined with prior experience with home design & decorating.  Barry Driedger, founded and grew a similar format service based Franchise organization.  Recruiting and overseeing over 300 Franchisees worldwide.  Together they provide the perfect team to develop the next major force in the home cleaning industry.
  • What is your company's mantra?
    • "Messy Maid Makes Your Day" & "Not Messy Anymore"
  • What's the best advice you've ever been given?
    • "Persistence"; never quit or ever give up if you believe in what you are doing!
  • What are your home or garden pet peeves?
    • Cleaning bathrooms, especially in a houseful of men.
    •  Pet hair.  It sticks like glue to everything.
    •  Sticky grease on kitchen backsplash and stove.
    • Dust!!  Just as you do it, it seems like it magically appears again.
    • Hard water and calcium deposits.  So difficult to get rid of.
    • Cleaning the stove and fridge. You have to climb right inside them.
  • What are your top 3 home and garden tips for this season?
    • Dried food in microwave?  Put some water with lemon juice in a cup, microwave on high for a few minutes.  Steam loosens the food so you can just wipe it away. 
    • Coffee stains in your kitchen sink?  Pour a little javex and it magically disappears.  
    • Pet hair on your upholstery?  Wipe with a rubber glove.
  • What is your favourite part about the Fall Home Show?
    •  Meeting so many wonderful people and hearing about their cleaning dilemmas. So many decorating ideas. 
  • What is the weirdest client request you have ever received?
    •  A Saturday morning, after a Friday night party, client asking if we come as soon as possible to clean up the remains of a flour and olive oil fight.

      Don't miss Messy Maid at our Toronto's Fall Home Show (Oct. 3-6)!