Dec 12, 2013

10 Biggest Decor Trends of 2013…

According to Marketplace Events' Home Show Blogger, Andrée B.

1. Black & White

I've had my eye on this classic combination for some time now, and I'm very glad it was a trend in 2013.  Incorporated with solid colors, stripes, or other patterns, I noticed this trend popping up in home offices, bedrooms, and dining rooms.  Black and white create a very dramatic effect, I've found this decor trend gives spaces a very organized and well structured appearance.   

2. Shades of Gray 

Gray has quickly become one of the post popular colors in home decor, particular in bedrooms and living rooms.  Regardless of the shade, gray has very soothing qualities that bode very well with rest and relaxation.  Gone are the days when entire homes are painted taupe or cream; today, in 2013, it was all about shades of gray, and how they can support almost every other color.  

3. A Modern Approach to Lighting 

In 2013, people were lighting it up in more unique ways!  Once the walls are painted and the furniture is chosen, many tend to think the house is complete...but what about the lights?  Lighting can add a lot of charm to a space; this charm should be unique in every room.  So whether it's a chandelier here, and a few pendant lights there, don't be afraid to really explore the very unique options that are now available.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces

I've always been a huge advocate of stylish and comfortable outdoor living spaces.  In 2013, backyards proved they were not just about swing sets and BBQs, they are about being spaces you can relax and LIVE in.  There are now entire living rooms, dining rooms, and even television sets available at our home shows for the backyard.  In 2013, people really embraced their yards, turning them into second living/dining rooms.  

5. Simple Centerpieces 

You know that large flat surface you sit at to eat dinner? Don't forget to decorate it!  Even if you're not entertaining, an easy decorative centerpiece is crucial to tying a space together.  On trend in 2013 were DIY centerpieces that were fairly simple.  Whether it's a bowl of green apples for color, a row of mason jars with floating candles, or bouquet of daisies, dressing up your table is both fun and important.  

6. Wallpaper for Feature Walls

Remember the days when wallpaper was almost a bad word?  People used to shriek at the thought of using wallpaper instead of paint.  But in 2013, a combination of the two was all the rage!  Think of wallpaper as art, it's great for adding a decor element to any space.  While there are still some scary patterns out there, you'll find that wallpaper has become a lot more modern.  With bold patterns that are great for feature walls, I think everyone should pick a room to incorporate this fabulous 2013 trend. 

7. Words on Walls

In 2013, I found that people became very passionate about self-improvement and incorporating this inspiration in design.  This interesting intersection is exactly why people are putting quotes and words on their walls.  I love this trend because it's a great way to customize home decor.  To me, words on walls are truly letting your home speak for you. 

8. Mixing the Old with the New

Mixing old items with new ones in home decor provides a casual and functional aesthetic.  In 2013, people were mixing and matching old favorites with newer pieces, the space is always fresh and up-to-date.  Incorporating classic furniture lines and peppering in new decor elements allows for less fussiness, and very polished spaces. 

9. Unisex Decor Themes

Believe it or not, a lot of men cared about home decor too in 2013!  This trend was big with a lot of younger couples and new homeowners at our home shows.  People are thinking unisex, decorating with fewer frills, focusing on functionality, and using gender neutral colors.  Darker woods, minimalism, symmetry, and framed black and white personal photos are just some ideas of how to make your space unisex.     

10. Gallery Walls 

With all the smartphones, Instagram photos, and digital prints out there, gallery walls emerged as fantastically creative ways to display memories and personal style.  Great for creating eye-catching feature walls in dining rooms, living rooms, and home offices, the trick to these is to lay them out ahead of time and play around with your frames and shapes.  There are even gallery wall templates available on Pinterest that can help you with your planning.  Of course, if you’re not feeling the cluster-styled gallery, opt for my favorite, straight rows that create a geometrical photo grid.  Regardless of which approach you choose, you'll finish with a wonderful conversation piece.  

Do you have any you'd 2013 decor trends like to add? 
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- XO Andrée