Jul 23, 2013

It's time to light up your whole house in a much more unique way!  Once the walls are painted and the furniture is chosen, many tend to think the house is complete...but what about the lights?  Lighting can add a lot of charm to a space; this charm should be unique in every room.  So whether it's a chandelier here, and a few pendant lights there, don't be a afraid to make lighting an added feature in every room.

8 Bright Light Ideas

1. Go contemporary in the dining room

2. Have fun in the kids rooms

Baby Gone Mod
Image via

3. Mix the old with the new in the kitchen 

Image via Jodi Mockabee

4. Add a little rustic charm in the game room  

5. Create a focal point, go big and industrial anywhere

Lighting - An open kitchen with wood cabinets and white countertops
Image via Lonny

6. Be romantic by your kitchen table

7. Add a little color and symmetry to the bedroom 

Lighting - Pendant lights with woven shades above a pair of twin beds
Image via Lonny

8. Add a chandelier to the kitchen