Jul 8, 2013

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know that mint green has been in high fashion!  While you've seen it in the stores and on the runways, it's now appearing in the home.  We're really digging this fresh, crisp color.  Since it looks great in every room of the home, we're showcasing some of our favorites below...take a look!

6 Mint Green Spaces 

1. Eclectic Painted Living Room 
Image via DesignPublic
2. Country Cozy Kitchen 
Image via House Beautiful
3. Upcycled Desk 
Julia Dilworth #VHDS12 Upcycle Challenge Refinished Desk
Image via HomeShows
4. Mix and Match Antiques 
Image via DreamyWhites
5. Upcycled Ombre Stools
Image via
6. Country Chic Bathroom 
Image via House Beautiful
...and a very simple mint chocolate treat! 
Image & Tutorial: Bits of Sunshine