Jul 23, 2013


You won't want to miss Home Makeover Systems at our 
2014 Central Florida Home + Garden Show (Apr. 4-6)! 

Get to know this fabulous exhibitor!

  • Home Makeover Systems is fully equipped to help you with a lot! Check out their long list of products and services:
    • Eco Blown-In Insulation / Lifetime Guarantee 
    • Eco Blown-In Insulation being installed - ECO Insulation will NOT SETTLE over time. 
    • Invisible Window Film 
    • GutterPro Gutter Protection System 
    • Super Attic Shield Insulation 
    • Puronics Water purification Systems 
    • Protect your largest investment with representing the leader Solutia brand in the solar low-e invisible window film! 
    • Home Makeover Systems is also dedicated to supplying the most secure and cost effective drinking water filtration systems, equipment, and service available. 
  • Why is attic insulation so important? 
    • Proper attic insulation is extremely significant in today's day and age. According to the US Dept. of Energy, over 100 million US homes are under-insulated. Lack of proper insulation causes us to waste billions of dollars on energy every year. 
  • What's one way to prevent water damage from happening? 
    • Gutters and eaves troughs have an important job. They form your home’s rainwater management system, which channels water away from your home in order to prevent water damage. 
  • What's the most common misconception people have on saving energy at home?
    • When most people think of giving a home an energy saving makeover, they imagine installing solar panels or energy efficient appliances. Today’s energy saving strategies includes a lot more options than that. You can get creative and cut energy costs and help the environment by implementing some of the following strategies through out the home.
  • What are your best home or garden tips for this season?
    • Home energy costs are climbing, and some homeowners believe that there is nothing to do but pay higher utility bills. A home energy makeover is a comprehensive whole house solution for making your home more energy efficient. 

  • What are your featured items this season? 
    • Our feature item is a FREE Solar Attic Fan with the purchase of any one of our qualifying energy saving products.

You can catch Home Makeover Systems at our 

2014 Central Florida Home + Garden Show (Apr. 4-6) at the Orange County Convention Center!