Jul 8, 2013

The Vancouver Home + Design Show is excited to have Home Hardware at the 2013 show (Oct. 17-20).  
We recently got a chance to interview Bev Bell, Home Hardware's Beauti-Tone paint expert on tips, trends, and all things Home Hardware...check it out below!  

  • How did your company get started (founders, early ideas, developments, etc.)?
  • What are your products/services?
    • As a home improvement retailer, Home invests in products and services that make our customers’ lives easier. We offer more than 60,000 products, including more than 10,000 private label products like Kuraidori and Natura brand of environmentally-friendly products, to long-running services such as our partnership with Aeroplan. Our private paint label, Beauti-Tone is the number one Canadian-owned and made retail paint brand. 
    • Home combines the advantages of a neighbourhood store – personalized service, local market knowledge and flexibility – with those of a national retailer – massive purchasing power resulting in competitive prices, a state-of-the-art distribution centre, and the latest technologies.
  • What is your company’s mantra?
    • Since Home’s beginning nearly 50 years ago, our focused has remained the same: To provide our customers with superior customer service, expert advice and quality products at competitive prices. It is this dedication and commitment that has earned Home Hardware a place as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and Most Valuable Brands.
  • Describe the process of creating your product(s)
    • Home Hardware has over 60,000 products, many that are private label brands. The most popular is Home’s private paint label, Beauti-Tone Paint, the number one Canadian-owned and made retail paint brand. The manufacturing plant is located in Burford, ON and is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in North America. We manufacture and distribute a full range of private label Beauti-Tone paint products and a wide range of aerosol and cleaning products including our most popular and environmentally friendly line – Natura.
  • What’s the best advice (creative or business-related) that you’ve ever been given?
    • As the Creative Director for Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products, I would say the best advice I have been given is to always strive to create the best quality paint product for the best price with the best customer experience. If you get that right, - you will always be successful.
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  • What are your top 3 home tips for this season? As I am passionate about paint, let me share my top painting tips:
    1. Consider your ceiling the fifth wall. Paint it with a colour that is harmonious with your trim and softens the room to make a richer looking room.
    2. Before choosing a neutral paint it’s important to identify its undertones. The undertones are the subtle nuances in the colour that if not noted can affect the way you see the colour once it is painted on a wall versus a small chip. For example, a taupe can have a purple or pink undertone, so once painted your taupe may actually look purple, especially in the evening. Undertones can also make the colour warm or cool. Compare a neutral you’re considering with another neutral to reveal the hidden undertones.
    3. To select your perfect colour, bring in an example of that colour, whether it be your favourite sweater, a vase or accent piece, or a child’s toy, to any of our Home Hardware or Home Hardware Building Centre locations and we will use our Capsure™ Colour Matching System to colour match the perfect paint colour. We can match any colour, any place, anytime.
  • What are your top 3 gardening tops for this season? Home Hardware’s Gardening Expert Mark Cullen has the following 3 tips to grow the greenest lawn on the street:
    1. Never skip fertilizer. Applying a quality fertilizer will improve the long-term health of your lawn. Fertilize in the spring, summer and fall.
    2. To minimize a sore back and knees from weeding, use a hand weeder, which removes the weed at the root and avoids bending down.
    3. Give your lawn infrequent but deep watering through the summer. This ensures that grass roots receive proper nourishment.
  • What is your featured item this for this season?
    • Our Natura paint line which is environmentally friendly and manufactured by Beauti-Tone. It is safe for air quality when working indoors, goes onto the walls phenomenally and is available in any colour. It is a tough paint as it is 100% acrylic. The pearl is great for bathrooms because it was formulated to withstand heavy moisture and mildew. 
  • How many years have you been involved in this particular Home Show?
    •  This is our third year and we just love attending this show. Vancouver is great.
  • What is your favourite part about the Home Show?
    • My favourite part is interacting with our customers at the show who share their great experiences with our paint and/or Home Hardware stores. The other part I love about the show is helping attendees with colour choices and design advice for their homes. 
  • What is the weirdest client request you have ever received?
    • The items that customers bring to colour match using our Capsure™ Colour Matching System can be quite surprising and entertaining. Once a customer actually brought in their cat to colour match its fur.
  • If there is anything else you would like to include please do so!
    • We look forward to interacting with attendees at the Vancouver Home & Design Show! We will have Capsure™ Colour Matching Systems on hand so they can bring in their swatches, chips and other items that have their dream colour and we’ll colour match it to the perfect Beauti-Tone colour. 
Special thanks to Bev Bell, Home Hardware's Beauti-Tone paint expert for stopping by our blog! 

        October 17-20 at BC Place