Jul 16, 2013

Recently, our friend Cristina B. of Toronto devised the perfect plan for making over her backyard.  Naturally, Cristina turned to some of Toronto's National Home Show and Fall Home Show exhibitors to get the job done right.  Take a look at her whimsical makeover below! 
From Cristina: 
"I moved into my house almost two years ago and had a large backyard that needed A LOT of work but I really saw the potential, and wanted to make a little backyard oasis.
"First things first you need to have a hammock, so my dad and I decided to build a pergola using cedar logs so that I had somewhere to hang my  hammocks (which I made from outdoor fabric from IKEA).
"I then did a lot of work replanting and arranging the flower beds and started a vegetable garden which has worked out fabulously. Put in a little play house in the back for a bit of fun, and low walkway deck.  I bought some trees and plants from Sheridan Nurseries to add some green and color.
"I then decided that I wanted grass but didn't want to have to mow it…so I went for artificial turf (check out Southwest Greens if interested). And nowadays this stuff is amazing it looks real and feels great and no real maintenance I highly recommend it!
"I also wanted a fire pit so decided to get a circular stone pattern to put underneath which looks great. I got the stones from Stone Link and ended up getting matching stones for a walkway and border. 
"I can’t even describe how different it looks. Big thanks to my dad who pretty much did all of the work, although I think I was a great little helper, he made all my back yard dreams come true!"
 - Cristina B.