Apr 16, 2014

While you may not have an elaborate grand foyer, you most definitely have an entryway!  It's the area where you walk in and kick your shoes off; the place where you drop your keys and forget your phone.  Today we're focusing on 5 entryway essentials to keep you organized on your way in, or out the door.
5 Entryway Essentials

1. A console table
Tiffany Kalin - Console Table
Image & Project via Taffany Kalin for Home Shows
2. A (check yourself out) mirror
Image via Young House Love
3. A bowl or drawer for keys or change
Image via House & Home
4. A bench or stool
MadeByGirl: design
Image via Vogue
5. Some colorful items (books, ornaments, pots, flowers, etc.)
Image of Customised hand-painted pots
Image via Hunt & Bow

Did we miss anything?  Let us know! 

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