Aug 16, 2013

5 Easy Steps for a Beach Bathroom

1. Paint! 
Select the perfect beachy blue color.  You can obviously pic the color once you get to the paint store, or you can do a little research on Pinterest and other design sites to truly be inspired.  This is also the perfect time to pick some complimentary accent colors!
river thaw
Image via Design Seeds
2. Pick a Shower Curtain
Selecting a shower curtain can be a really tricky process.  Bassically, you have three options 
  1. Use a solid color
  2. Opt for the perfect pattern (ikat, chevron, stripes, etc.) 
  3. Use a scene or something funny (for the kids bathroom) 
We're big fans of the solid colored curtains like the one below. 
Image via House & Home
3. Get on those walls!
Once you've got your curtain and your paint color picked out, you need to decorate the walls.  Traditionally there are at least two walls  in the bathroom that need some decor, maybe more if you've got a larger space.  Shelving, DIY paintings, awesome family prints (sepia-toned perhaps?)...get creative with it! 

Use Accessories to Create Kid's Room Theme {Beach} | KidSpace Interiors
Image via
4. Some decorative elements 
Of course, every bathroom requires several essentials, cotton swabs, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, etc..  So why not jazz them up to fit your theme?  Incorporate your beachy colors, sand, shells and all! 
Our Sea Glass Inspired Beach Bathroom Remodel
Image via Leen The Graphics Queen
No bathroom is complete without candles! 
Small patio gets some style on a budget!, This is my small patio deck. I furnished it mostly from  Walmart! I love the versatility of this seating year I can simply change the pillows and accessories in a new color for a whole new look!! Just goes to show, you dont have to spend a lot to have a stylish, functional space :)  If you like you can check out my new blog at   or visit me on Facebook, This simple centrepiece will be sure to add a nice glow on a warm summer evening. I found the rectangular glass dish for $9.99 at Winners (like Homegoods). I saw a similar centrepiece at Pottery Barn, but why pay more? :) The wood tray was also a find at $7...  , Patios & Decks Design
Image via
5. Terrific Towels  
A bathroom makeover like this often requires a quick towel swap.  Don't stress too much over the color, keep it solid, and try and match one of your accent colors.  
Beach - An outdoor sink
Image via Lonny
nautical bathroom

It's just that simple! 

Anything else you would add? 
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