Oct 28, 2013

AFTER: The perfect ocean-themed paradise is complete!
From Andrée: 

For months now I have been absolutely repulsed by my master bathroom.  It was installed over 6 years ago, and since then, not very much had changed.  The paint, a matte yellow, was peeling and scuffed.  The shower curtain and bath mat were very dated, and there was a huge lack of overall charm.  

Since the bones and fixtures of the space are fairly new, all this bathroom really needed was a quick face lift.  Here's what I did... 

1. The Inspiration Shop 
First I went shopping for a little inspiration.  I knew I wanted to paint the space blue, and give it a beach theme.  I found a fabulous grey and blue curtain, and some coral/orange accents that helped me nail down a paint color.  

2. SEMI-GLOSS PAINT (Don't forget the ceiling!) 
I began painting using the seashore semi-gloss paint I had selected.  I chose semi-gloss over eggshell because it's the most durable bathroom paint (constant moisture and all).

In order to expand the space, I decided to paint the ceiling the same color.  By bringing the color up, the bathroom now looks dramatically bigger.  I still can't believe this trick actually works! 

Since Milo and I had selected some great accent colors and sea-themed items, it was simply a matter of playing around with what was purchased.  

For art in the space I first used some blank canvases and painted some beach themed pieces (see the right wall below).  While it may look daunting, it was simply a matter layering the right colors over the canvas as many times as I felt necessary.  I used acrylic paint; once dry, I covered the whole thing in clear Mod Podge with a large brush to seal it.   
Click here for the full guide on how to paint the canvases.

Above the toilet, I printed some black and white images of coral, a clown fish (Nemo) and a sea horse.  I simply Googled "coral drawings," made the ones I liked black and white in Photoshop, and printed them out at home on white paper.  I placed these in clear diploma frames from the dollar store.

To save them for printing in your own bathroom, click on the image you want and then right click, and select "Save image as".    
AFTER: It's always nice for the men to have something to look at while they stand there!

For my little "Life is a beach" sign, I used a small piece of plywood from an old crate, some white and gray acrylic paint, and a fine brush.  When I was done, I covered the whole thing in clear Mod Podge to seal it, and used a hot glue gun to apply the star fish and coral accents.   
Click here for the full guide on how to make the "Life is a beach" sign.  
And here are a couple more pictures of my very simple (dollar store) finishing touches...


There you have it!  My cheap, quick and easy bathroom makeover.  Seriously, this took me less than two days, and less than $200!

- Andrée