Aug 13, 2013

We're thrilled to have Annie Sloan, one of the world's most popular experts in decorative painting, join us at both our 2013 Toronto Fall Home Show and our Vancouver Home + Design Show.

Annie has developed an incredible paint brand called Chalk Paint; this fast-drying miracle paint can be applied to wood, concrete, metal, matte pasting, earthenware, and much more indoors or out!

DIY: Annie's Striped Dresser

Painting stripes using a mix of colors is much harder than it looks.  According to Annie, "the best way of creating them is to paint on alternate broad stripes, which gives the paint time to dry before you paint the stripe alongside, followed by thinner stripes on top.  If you paint two colors side by side that don't quite work, you can always paint a different-colored stripe on top to separate them" (Color Recipes, 141).  


  1. Decide on your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours before you start painting.  You may may want to make a drawing of the chest first and paint your sketch. 
  2. If your dresser is heavily varnished, sand it lightly before applying the paint.  Wipe clean with damp cloth when complete. 
  3. Start by painting the front of the chest in broad stripes, covering the wood completely.  Paint alternate strokes so that you are not painting next to a wet edge.  If necessary, paint the back of the chest. 
  4. Use a piece of cardboard to make a straight edge where one color strip meets the next.
  5. Use a piece of cardboard as a guide to paint the thinner lines on top of the broader strokes.  You will generally find that darker pain colors need to be thinner than bright, light colors.  
*This project and more can be found in Annie's awesome book Color Recipes for Painted Furniture.

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