Aug 29, 2013

That wood picture frame on the mantle, those floral teacups in the china cabinet, that knitted blanket on the sofa, these are just some of the unique items that make your house a home. Sentimental accessories add character and cast a cozy, inviting feel over a room. Not all of our home accessories have a history, but without them our houses would not be the same.

Home styling doesn't always come naturally, so we went to Nicole Sjostedt, an expert fashion and lifestyle stylist, for her go-to accessorizing tips. See Nicole’s work up close and personal at the upcoming Calgary and Vancouver Home + Design Show, where she’ll be showing off her signature style with the Western Living Lounge.

Choosing accessories and deciding where or how to place them can be tricky. To style your home like a pro, try playing with Nicole’s four cardinal rules of accessorizing:

1. Use Multiples
Hanging a trio of matching mirrors on the living room wall or placing five similar candleholders together can create a burst of visual interest. You don’t have to use items that look exactly the same, just ones that look related. The pieces can be similar in colour, shape or texture.

2. Mix & Match
Throw a couple of sparkly items with sleek industrial pieces and voilà! Pairing contrasting items is just as intriguing multiples. As with fashion, interior décor shouldn't be too matchy-matchy.

3. Strike a Balance
There are two basic types of balance to take into consideration when debating how to display your accessories. Symmetrical balance is the most traditional approach and is characterized by having similar objects repeated in the same places on either side of a vertical axis. When following the asymmetrical style, balance is achieved by considering the visual weight of the objects. To do this, place dissimilar objects strategically based on their visual weight.

4. Play with Texture
Soft blankets and throws immediately add warmth to a space, but cool textures can be just as interesting. Try a stone bath mat or hang metal wall décor with sharp angles to play off an over-stuffed occasional chair.

Now that you have got the basics down pat, it’s time to start decorating!

To learn more ways to style home accessories, ask the design experts at the Calgary and Vancouver Home + Design Show yourself! Purchase your tickets online today and save $3 on regular adult admission.