Aug 29, 2013

Dreaming of a home makeover? Unless you've just completed a daunting kitchen remodel or recently overhauled your living room, you’re likely thinking of ways to spruce up your space. Unfortunately, a revamp can put a hefty dent in your wallet and steal countless hours of free time. Luckily, undertaking something drastic to update your place isn’t always necessary.

Most of us design enthusiasts have watched enough HGTV Canada to know that the cheapest, quickest way to recreate a room is by using paint. For tips that aren't as obvious, we asked the design experts appearing at the Calgary and Vancouver Home + Design Shows how to perk up your pad on a shoestring budget.

Interior designer Aly Velji recommends picking up new throw cushions for your bed or sofa. Updating a worn out couch with a few patterned, brightly coloured or textured pillows is an easy way to bring a little drama or excitement to a space.

See Aly Velji live at the Calgary Home + Design Show on Friday Sept. 20 at 6PM, Saturday Sept. 21 at 2PM and Sunday Sept. 22 at 12PM, and at the Vancouver Home + Design Show on Friday Oct. 18 at 4PM and Sunday Oct. 20 at 12PM.

Megan Baker, one-half of the design duo at A Good Chick To Know, suggests starting a collection that is unique to your personal taste. You don’t have to limit yourself to standard collectibles like rocks or stamps. Pieces that are easy to find and readily available, like vintage books, liquor decanters or baking tins from the 1950s, all have the makings of an eye-catching collection.

Once you have your goodies, split up the items and use them in unconventional ways throughout your home or group the entire set together. Collecting interesting pieces will make an impact on a small budget, plus you get the added thrill of bargain hunting!

See A Good Chick to Know live at the Vancouver Home + Design Show on Saturday Oct. 19 at 6PM and Sunday Oct. 20 at 1PM. 

If your carpets make you cringe, Clare Gardner, a sales and design consultant with Cardel Homes, suggests giving them a once over with rug shampoo. Freshly cleaned carpets can look so new that you can trick your friends into thinking you splurged on new floors! A DIY carpet clean is the cheapest way to make your floors appear brand new, but if you’re strapped for time, hiring a professional shouldn't gouge your budget either.

See Clare Gardner and Marie-Claire Williams from Cardel Homes live at the Calgary Home + Design Show on Saturday Sept. 21 at 4PM and Sunday Sept. 22 at 1PM.

Last but certainly not least, Todd Talbot, real estate investor, renovator and co-host of Love It or List It Vancouver, believes playing with lighting is a great way to change up a space. Installing a new kitchen or living room light fixture instantly revamps the look of a room. Looking for a new focal point? Choose an eye-catching chandelier or pendant light. 

See Todd Talbot and his co-host Jillian Harris at the Calgary Home + Design Show on Friday Sept. 20 at 7PM and Saturday Sept. 21 at 3PM & 7PM, and at the Vancouver Home + Design Show on Friday Oct. 18 at 7PM and Saturday Oct. 19 at 3PM & 7PM

Next time you’re bored of your space, consider these options suggested by our experts and avoid breaking the bank on a new look!

Leave a comment to tell us which of these affordable ways you’ll use to perk up your pad.

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