Aug 8, 2013

While we may not all be getting ready to head back to those classic college dorms, many of us are still faced with small space challenges daily.  How do you set up a home office without actually having room for one?  How can you incorporate romantic charm in the kitchen while keeping its functionality?  Below are some great tips for small space decorating.  Don't get discouraged, get creative!

6 Small Space Tips
1. Go vertical with your office storage.
Image via House & Home
2. Get creative, incorporate elegant shelving options on empty walls. 
3. If you're looking to add elegance, don't forget about the lighting.  It takes up very little space. 
Image via House & Home
4. Find furniture pieces that maximize your storage options wherever possible. 
5. Don't feel you have to hide your bathroom essentials; they add a unique texture when displayed in glass jars and on shelves.   
Image via Sugar & Chic
6. If you have to put a workspace in your living room, opt for a subtle desk chair or stool.  Use the desk to display items that incorperate the rest of the room's decor, not just pens and papers! 
Living Room - Framed art and a glass lamp atop a white desk surrounded by upholstered seating
Image via Lonny