Aug 20, 2013


You won't want to miss Gleam Guard at our 
2013 Vancouver Home + Design Show (Oct. 17-20)! 

Get to know this fabulous exhibitor!

  • Company Website
  • Location
    • Vancouver BC
  • Describe your services:
    • Our team of "Skilled Craftsmen" can restore your stained, painted or pickled woodwork at a fraction of the cost of getting new cabinets and woodwork, refacing and even traditional refinishing and painting! 
    • Our special Acrylic Polymer will protect your new or restored woodwork for years! 
    • Our process is completed without sanding and without toxic strippers! 
    • Our work is Guaranteed for 5 years! Most jobs are finished in 1-2 days.
  • What are your best home or garden tips for this season?
    • Get your kitchen cabinets looking like new again!
  • What are your featured items this season? (sales, popular services, etc.)
    • 15% off if you redo the whole kitchen!
  • What is your favorite part about the home show?
    • We love the people!