Sep 3, 2013

Did you know? Annie Sloan, one of the world's most popular experts in decorative painting, join us at both our 2013 Toronto Fall Home Show and our Vancouver Home + Design Show.

Annie has developed an incredible paint brand called Chalk Paint; this fast-drying miracle paint can be applied to wood, concrete, metal, matte pasting, earthenware, and much more indoors or out!

Tutorial: Sanded Kitchen Chairs

"It is a common misunderstanding that when a room is dark, it should be painted white, but white can just loo gray and dull in the shadows.  Painting strong pastels on the other hand, will make a room look lively and bright" (Color Recipes, 120).  


  1. Remove the chair seats and paint them separately.  Paint each chair with your chosen color, covering the wood well, but not too thick.  Make certain all wood carvings are well covered.  
  2. Rub sandpaper all over the chair.  The paper will take the paint off, so try not to be too enthusiastic.  This will be a dusty process.    
  3. Wipe the sanding dust away with a moist cloth, then apply clear wax all over with a clean, dry cloth.  This will make some of the sanded paintwork more apparent.  Repeat all the steps for the remaining chairs. 
  4. Let dry, and enjoy! 
This project and more can be found in Annie's awesome book Color Recipes for Painted Furniture (Color Recipes, 120-123).  You could WIN a copy of Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more

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