Sep 4, 2013

This fall, Black's will be showing off their stylish decor options at our Fall Home Show; they're on a quest to show you how to turn your photos into art in a fun and easy way!  You won't believe the range of decor, app-produced products and photo-gift options they're bringing to the show.

To prepare you for the show, we interviewed the experts at Black's to find out what's trending this season.  Check out what they had to say below!

What is trending for the home at Black’s this season?
"It’s all about bringing your photos to life by creating your very own Wall Art at Black’s– your memories, your art.  With our Wall Art category of products, your photos can be made into stylish, striking and personal artwork in a range of sizes and materials."

"Our Little Black’s Book app allows you to create a simple PhotoBook by selecting and sending us your favourite photos straight from your SmartPhone and delivered to your home!  We also offer a range of products Made just for Instagram, that take your square format, filtered photos, creating square prints, canvases, books and more!"

Does Black’s Wall Art come in various options? 
"Absolutely! Black’s Wall Art comes in various materials and sizes. Sizes ranges from 8”x12” to 20”x30”. Wall Art can be made from canvas, acrylic, aluminum and even metal! You can also choose to make your images into posters or a poster collage. Our split-panel canvas option is an impactful way to spread your photos across several canvas panels." 

What are some tips for choosing the best pictures to convert into Black’s Wall Art? 
  1. "Choose the right material for your image. Black and White images look better on canvas, while bright, bold and impactful colours look great on metal or acrylic.
  2. The higher the quality of the original image, the higher the quality of your Wall Art. Poor quality/resolution photographs will appear fuzzy or blurry on your Wall Art. For specific resolutions, we list the recommended resolutions on the individual wall art pages on
  3. Think about the size and shape of your image. If your photograph is square, choose one of the square Wall Art options to avoid cropping your picture.
  4. Choose a picture that fits with the style and d├ęcor of your home. Consider the colour scheme and space you’re trying to fill."

Why is it important for people to add art to their walls? 
"Adding art to a wall is a great way to bring your own unique style and personality to a room. A well-chosen piece of art can brighten up a room and act as a great focal point for your decorating choices. What’s more, a great piece of art produced from your own photography can inspire you or make you smile whenever you see it."


Black's is giving away two $100 gift cards online! Click HERE to enter.
  Don't miss them, October 3-6, 2013 at booth 1110!   

Black's will have their experts at the show, demonstrating Wall Art options, and other special products and possibilities.  Don't miss them, October 3-6, 2013 at booth 1110!