Sep 6, 2013

A transparent sphere slowly takes shape in the middle of the forest, light sparkling off the clear plastic dome. It sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie but these otherworldly, inflatable structures from CasaBubble are anything but fiction.

These “dream bubbles,” as French designer Stephane Dumas calls them, are the first ecotourism living spaces that are energy self-sufficient and use bio-air-conditioning. Unlike a tent, the bubbles are inflatable, have no framework and boast transparent walls that allow for a glorious 360-degree view.

The CasaBubble is available in a range of designs, including the chic and completely transparent CristalBubble, the partially opaque BubbleRoom, and the deluxe BubbleLodge and GrandLodge. Visitors to the Calgary and Vancouver Home + Design Shows will have the opportunity to tour four CasaBubble rooms in full effect, with designs ranging from study spaces and sleeping chambers to dining areas and playrooms. Look for IKEA to guest star in all four rooms at the Calgary Home +Design Show, using their signature Scandinavian style in a completely new way.

CasaBubble is made out of 100% recyclable materials and leaves its surrounding environment relatively undisturbed. Quick to assemble and easy to carry, CasaBubble is ideal for a cutting-edge camping or hiking trip. CasaBubble can also come equipped with luxurious amenities and accessories, including genuine hardwood flooring, furniture, bathroom fixtures, air filters, heaters and more. Talk about glamping!

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening in the backyard or hosting a high-design garden party, CasaBubble has the design for you! See the modern, fashion-forward structures in person at the Calgary and Vancouver Home + Design Shows. Purchase your tickets online for Vancouver and Calgary today to save $3 off regular adult admission.