Sep 17, 2013

This fall, in addition to bringing their stylish furniture to our Capital Home Show (Sept 20-22 at the Dulles Expo Center), La-Z-Boy will be bringing their design professionals to for FREE consultations.

QUESTION #2: Alysha's Empty Dining Dilemma
Questions submitted by Alison A. from Chantilly, Virginia: 

What is your design dilemma?
Marika Chairside Table"My dining room looks empty. Right now I have a long table and six chairs in it and it looks a little empty. I would like to add a hutch or sideboard but I feel like it would end up right against the table since the room isn't very big. Basically my dilemma is that the room isn't small enough just for a table but is also not large enough for a full dinning set. Any suggestions on how to make the room look a bit more furnished? There is a long wall on the one side that looks the most bare. Please help!"        - Alysha A.
Expert advice from La-Z-Boy:

Hello Alysha,
Since a full sized hutch may be overwhelming for your space try a small console or a sofa table. A slimmer piece won’t swallow your space but it will help fill in the blank spots. Head over to to find your closest store to have one of our fantastic designers come help you complete your space."       - La-Z-Boy Expert