Sep 10, 2013

This fall, in addition to bringing their stylish furniture to our Capital Home Show (Sept 20-22 at the Dulles Expo Center), La-Z-Boy will be bringing their design professionals to for FREE consultations.  

Do you need design help right now?  Submit questions online for the La-Z-Boy Design Experts to answer on our blog.  

QUESTION #2: Alison's Wall Worry
Questions submitted by Alison A. from Chantilly, Virginia: 

What is your design dilemma?
Television"My living room has one very large wall and I am having a hard time trying to make it look like so the room is not empty. The only thing against the wall is the TV and cabinet, layout wise furniture does not work against the wall. I thought of putting art on the wall but wont that look strange next to the TV?"             - Alison A.

Expert advice from La-Z-Boy:

"Hello Alison,
Large walls can be quite a difficult design challenge. In your case I would recommend looking at some of the large étagères we offer to frame your TV console. Wall Art can look great on the same wall as a television, I suggest having one of our designers come out to your home and help you select the right art and or furniture pieces to really make that wall a statement. Head on over to the La-Z-Boy website to find the store closest to you!"       - La-Z-Boy Expert