Sep 10, 2013

This fall, in addition to bringing their stylish furniture to our Capital Home Show (Sept 20-22 at the Dulles Expo Center), La-Z-Boy will be bringing their design professionals to for FREE consultations.  

Do you need design help right now?  Submit questions online for the La-Z-Boy Design Experts to answer on our blog.  

QUESTION #1: Color-Confused Karey
Questions submitted by Karey T. from Chesapeake, Virginia: 

What is your design dilemma?
"Our living room feels so blah. Our sofa and love seat are olive green. The walls are painted a light tan and the carpet is tan. The only light comes from a small window on the side of the fireplace and the window in the door on the other side of the fireplace. Both of these windows face a screened in (and roofed) porch so the room is always dim. Is there any way we could paint (least expensive) the walls to liven up. Colors? Patterns? Help??!!"       - Karey T.
Expert advice from La-Z-Boy:
"Hello Karey, 
An easy solution would be to purchase some throw pillows and art work with light colored backgrounds. The light colors will trick the eye into thinking the space is airier than it appears. Also, if you are able to paint the ceiling of the covered porch in a white the light will bounce off of that and make the room appear brighter as well. The third thing I can suggest is a strategically placed lamp. Lighting is the easiest way to brighten up your space. One of our designers would be able to help you make those selections. Hop on over to the La-Z-Boy website to find your closest store!"       - La-Z-Boy Expert