Sep 18, 2013

This weekend, in addition to bringing their stylish furniture to our Capital Home Show (Sept 20-22 at the Dulles Expo Center), La-Z-Boy will be bringing their design professionals to for FREE consultations.

QUESTION #2: Gennith's Drab Drapery Blues
Questions submitted by Alison A. from Chantilly, Virginia: 

What is your design dilemma?
"I live in a 900 sq foot apartment in downtown Silver Spring. I have a sliding glass patio door that desperately needs some help. I currently have two curtain panels that are a tad too short. I would love something dramatic- perhaps a floor to ceiling type drapery. Similar to what you might see in a luxury hotel. But not quite sure how to achieve this look. I've looked online but haven't found the best solution. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!   - Gennith J.
Expert advice from La-Z-Boy:

Hello Gennith,
I've got several suggestions for you to achieve your desired look: 
  1. Analyze function first!  This will eliminate some choices - Do you need privacy? Do you need to block light? Do I need to worry about sun damage to the fabric?  What pieces in the room are not working or will leave? 
  2. Fabrics/Prints -  Look at what you have -  If major upholstery is print, then use solid or vice-verse.  What colors would you like to pull?  What styles do you need to work with- are you more traditional? Contemporary? Ask yourself these questions. 
  3. Length - Most ready made panels are 63-144.  Going long is very in style.  If you can't decide, try to go long- it will be easier for you to work with.  Going too short will look obvious!  Do you want it to hit the floor or let it run onto the floor?  Both are an options as both are very popular.  When it comes to width, make sure that it completely closes as well as has enough slack to not pull them too tight! Finally, hang higher than the frame.  This give the illusion on a larger window. 
Look at La-Z-Boy for ideas to complete your full space!  We have over hundreds of fabrics to choose from, perhaps we can coordinate a chair to your new window treatments?"          - La-Z-Boy Expert