Aug 31, 2013

Rad Clues to all Brews

Beer is brewed from a few basic -- yet hearty -- ingredients, primarily hops, yeast, barley and barley malt, which is why it is often referred to as liquid bread.

There are only two categories of beer - Ale and Lager. But from those there are endless variations.  With all the options, just remember that there is a beer to enhance the flavor of almost any dish, whether it’s an ingredient in your dish or served in a frosty glass.  Let's explore some of the more popular styles within each category.

Made with bottom-fermenting yeasts at cold temperatures.
  • Pale Lagers are what many Americans think of as "beer," i.e., Miller and Bud, and also called "American Adjunct Lager."  If this is the only beer you drink, it's time to branch out!
  • Pilsner has a hoppier taste than pale lagers and is traditionally from the Czech Republic.
  • Bock is less popular than Pale Lagers or Pilsner but deserves more attention. Bocks often have a complex malty flavor with less hoppiness, an amber to a dark brown color with a rich taste.
Made with top-fermenting yeasts at warm temperatures.  Ales are what most Brits think of as "beer."
  • Wheat Beer and Belgian White are both styles that are made with wheat and are often seasoned by orange and spices.
  • IPA (India Pale Ale) is a very hoppy and dry beer with medium color. 
  • Porter is a very dark, full bodied brew.  It has a very strong malty flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, and coffee.
  • Stout is a subcategory of Porter.  Stouts have more alcohol content than Porters and have slightly dryer and more bitter characteristics than other ales.
Now, get the Pulled Pork SlidersFennel Orange and Ale Slaw & Beer Caramel Dip recipes to get you ready for game day! 


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