Sep 17, 2013

This year La-Z-Boy is bringing refreshingly sophisticated furniture trends to the Capital Home Show (Sept 20-22).  Today, they're helping us tackle the living room, and online shopping... 

  • What is the most challenging part of decorating a living room?  How can it be simplified?
    • Think about how the space is going to be used.  Is it a museum, or is the space going to be heavily lived in?  Focus on those details.  To simplify, ask this questions; What will this room look like between 7-8 p.m.? Think about the family dynamics and lifestyle, then work with the flow of activity, not around it!
  • What are some La-Z-Boy items that can help with home organization?
    • La-Z-Boy offers lots of pieces that offer storage.  For example, cocktail tables with lift top storage and/or hidden compartments and storage ottomans just to name a few.  We sell desks and credenzas, bookcases, and much much more.  
  • How can help homeowners with the design/decor process? 
    • La-Z-Boy is proud to have a user friendly website.  On, customers can look at upholstery furniture online, try out different fabrics to get an idea of their preferences; research trends; read about design inspirations; get connected to other areas of information with links to our sister companies, get service and warranty info, and much more in the comforts of their one homes.  

  • What will La-Z-Boy be bringing to the Capital Home Show this year?
    • La-Z-Boy will be highlighting today's top design trends.  Designers with credentials will be on site to answer all types of design questions.  We'll be showing off the fabulous items available to anyone who shops in a La-Z-Boy Store.  
  • Describe the Capital Home Show in one word: 
    • Fantastic
September 20 - 22, 2013
Dulles Expo Center

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